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Career Readiness | Origin: LC103

What areas in your school need improvement related to developing student career readiness?

We need to engage counselors in planning more career related activities 

We need to get students more involved with being self directed when they have some down time. The pacing when having two different levels of students and one teacher can become a juggling act. Sometimes the more advanced students need to revisit some old tasks and refresh or maybe get started on new fundamentals. 


We need to build our team to work with students. So we need to involve counselors, support staff, and parapros more in our everyday activiities. 

More than just one career center staff person, there needs to be a team approach and involvement with teachers, support staff, and administration to identify current practices, guage effectiveness, and ultimately improve what isn't working. 

I concur with Bill. Our counselors spend more time directing kids in their academic classes and not enough time really working with the students on finding those things that interest them. CTE classes typically keep those students in school that otherwise would leave. 


At our school we need to continue to seek work-based learning opportunities across al program areas. For some of our programs, relevent instructional goals need to be in place that put a focus on career readiness rather than just traditional academic goals. 

One person with many hats.  It's a lot to juggle and sometimes one person is split across multiple high schools.

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