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Moving Forward | Origin: LC102

What types of individuals or organizations should you reach out to for enhancing your community efforts?

I should look to a larger pool of nonprofits and community organizations to add to the group of already growing business and industry to be part of our community efforts.

We struggle to find people that want to come talk to teenagers. We do have a military base close to us so we utilize the different jobs that are available but our local businesses really struggle with those interpersonal skills.

Involving more local nonprofits like the Chamber of Commerce and the workforce colition.  We have made great connections with the library bureau and been able to do service learning through projects for them.

Even in a smallish town, there are numerous untapped resources. Many scientific research organizations, native tribes, non-profits, etc. that can share opportunities for service learning, and WBL projects.

Industry leaders in your field, employers , community leaders

In my district I am working to connect with local small bussiness owners as well as several global companies that have recently located in our area. The goal is to be inclusive of all possible opportunties for our students. 

I am working on our relationship with the local chamber of commerce and branching out to chamber in the town of our largest sending school as well.  There are a lot of potential partners in that town that are not tapped as resources for Career Center....yet. 

While we always seek to gain more industry partners, I do think it would be great to add some non-profits to the list, as well as seek to weave ourselves into the thread of Rotary. 

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