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Leading and Motivating

Our company is not issuing raises this year, so I am finding it difficult to keep my Program Directors and faculty motivated. I recognize hard work and praise them often. What other ways can I keep them motivated so our students don't feel it in the classrooms?

Monetary incentives are not always necessarily the key to keep our associates motivated. The work environment and people in the team have great inpact on motivating people to come to work. Promote good teamwork and pleasant/healthy work environment by providing support and care to the team members. People's growth in the company through constant training can be an incentive.

these are all great ways to motivate employees. Although with full honesty if it's been a long time since there's been a raise, it can become increasingly hard to motivate employees this way.

Ryan Meers, Ph.D.

That's very important, organizations must separate the administration with academic issues. What is happening into the administration must be keep absolute reserve with the students trying to maintain credibility. I think that is a topic important to speak in the committee and in the work team meetings

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