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Walking in the Work Place

As an RN in the hospital,I always walked at a quick pace. I have continued this habit as a new program director. I noticed most of my peers do not share this habit. Should I continue this habit or blend in?

I personally would try & blend in some, but keep your unique personality.

Ryan Meers, Ph.D.

Although I do not have the same schedule as you N. Wenger, I also found myself speed walking the halls on my campus which made it very difficult to communicate with students and instructors. As the Program Director, I slowed down my walking in the halls so that I could speak with instructors and students in between classes, as this was the best place to catch everyone with busy schedules. I noticed by slowing down, I had more effective communications with staff members and students, and could tackle more problems head on. Not to mention, teachers and students feel that someone is making the effort to listen and care which ultimately makes your facility and organization a better place.

I found this thread very interesting because I have always associated a face-paced walk with someone with a purpose. When I see people moving quickly I attribute the qualities of punctuality, drive, and passion. This thread gave me an interesting perspective that students and instructors may respond well to someone slowing down and acknowledging them. I try to smile and make conversation in my quick walk, but am not always making the personal connection. Thank you for sharing!

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