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I agree with Dionne. Simple and timely expressions of appreciate can have lasting effects on individuals and, in the short-term alleviate, stress. I like to send emails to my teams with messages including phrases like "job well done," "Thank you," and "I couldn't have done it without your support."

Project management is a great tool for leading small events or large projects. I will use this in the office as well as for my volunteer activities. 



Change is good when it shows that people can learn from mistakes and failures. Change does not have to be bad or overshelming. The most influential and successful people thrive on change when it involves growth. 

Our students are definitely at the core of our mission. As educators our purpose is not to keep them happy but to keep them motivated on their goals so they are open to receiving the training ad education they signed up for. It's difficult for many of them to keep their eye on the prize...but with support from all areas of the organization, we can be successful. It takes a campus and a community.


I am wondering how much of the soft/interpersonal skills are students learning and applying in primary education if there is such a push back against the human skills that come along side the technical skills. To me professionalism goes hand-in-hand with the "core" content. As educators we have to do a better job of incorporating that concept. In addition, our student have to understand that when it comes to their education, they can't ask for a drink of water and not expect it to come in cup. Their thirst for the core subject material may be satisfied, but to be effective and have… >>>

Retention and engagement go hand-in-hand. Retention should be the natural effect when students are engaged with the instructional material and employing their own unique learning styles. 


Re: ED310

At first I was kind of bored with the activity modules because I am already doing some of these, but then I realized that was not always explaining the purpose or I was not clear on the stated objective. I liked this one.

These tips are very useful. I particularly agree with your advice to ensure the student learning outcomes are clearly aligned with the criteria rubric. Students have a difficult time as it is deciphering what's in it for them. Ultimately the rubric communicates quality of their work and the standards by which said work is measured. Tstyn

That's the perfect opening for a new thread on a old discussion post. Maintaining student focus requires a willingness to look for fresh ideas even at a moment's notice.


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The online course grouping has been the best for my needs so far. I plan to continue with this string of courses intermixing what I'm learning in the ED group. My biggest takeway is that technology should not create a barrier to instructor-student communication. A good instructor should do everything he or she can to facilitate comprehension of all aspects of the online environment and not just graded material.

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