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Please allow me this opportunity to welcome everyone to The Lounge! As someone who has had the honor of being in career education and corporate training for thirty years (gee, it makes me feel much older!), I can honestly say that I am the happiest professionally when having the opportunity to interact with fellow career educators - whether it be a training event, webinar, or medium such as this where we can collaboratively share our thoughts.

Faculty Coach Successes and Challenges | New discussion by Jay Hollowell

As you work with your instructors as a Faculty Coach in the CEE Faculty Development Program, or from a general faculty development standpoint, what have been some successes that you have enj...

Necessary Disclosures | New comment by Jay Hollowell

Kathy, Thanks, your comments help to complete the picture of what students need to know to make informed choices about their education. Jay Hollowell

CAN-SPAM | New comment by Jay Hollowell

Thanks Christine, The subject line sets the stage and can even help manage expectations about the message. Jay Hollowell

Separation of Duties | New comment by Jay Hollowell

Jessica , True, thanks, though duties may be departmentalized and separate, everyone is still operating from the same page. Jay Hollowell

Focus on Employment | New comment by Jay Hollowell

Eric, Thanks, you raise an excellent point about the element of risk in all phases and areas of for-profit education - and in some cases, education in general. I wonder if it is time for...

Communication is Key | New comment by Jay Hollowell

Aaron, And still so widely utilized in the workplace! :-) Jay Hollowell

Catalogs are Critical | New comment by Jay Hollowell

Christine, Thanks, in that sense, the catalog is the resource that serves as a foundation to the school-student relationship, and one that a student can always rely on... Jay Hollowell

Regulatory Environment | New comment by Jay Hollowell

Christine, Thank you so much, this is so helpful as a list of important recommendations to ensure students fully understand their choices and financial obligations in concert their education and...

Mission Statements | New comment by Jay Hollowell

Aaron, Thanks, particularly your reference to it being a standard. In fact, the mission statement is very much a baseline of operations and, more importantly, purpose. Jay Hollowell

Complaints and Concerns | New comment by Jay Hollowell

Hi Brenda, thanks for your on-the-mark comments, I have had the opportunity to read many posts about the importance of a timely response to student's concerns and complaints. I was wondering if...