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What's good

We regularly end our meetings with what's good this week. It often leads some to go on for some time - oftern about personal matters, and others just pass. Do you think this a best practice?


Depends on the meeting. If it is a business meeting with specific expectations for closure and decision direction it is probably not the best time. If it is a meeting for motivation and team building then it fits.

Dr. Gary Carlson

Sometimes my team is so busy taking care of their students that often a meeting is the only time we get to catch up with each other. If we have covered everything on our agenda and there is extra time we will spend the rest of the meeting just spending quality fun time together. I find this helps us as a team. it is important that we show each other that we care.

Making this time available to your people is great. When you have time available for social and fellowship with your team only strengthens the team effort.

Dr. Gary Carlson

I agree that sometimes meetings can become time for other employees to vent! I feel that this could be done after the meeting has ajourned. Maybe suggest that to the leader. I do see benefit in discussing more personal problems,as it may be a way to allieviate stress in teh work enviornment.

Meetings need to have a set purpose and nothing in between should conflict. When your participants know the expectations and the role you play it sets the tone for a better session. When leading the meeting your consistency is important for your audience to get use to the routine.

Dr. Gary Carlson

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