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In-effective Meetings

Meetings are an effective of communicating important/sensitive decisions. They are useful in decision making and resolving issues, but if not appropriately planned can be a waste of useful time and resources. In my experience many meetings that are called by Senior managers are irrelevant. WebEx and videoconferencing by using a power point and reading word by word is a waste of time of everybody. Meeting for the sake of meeting does not serve any purpose. Meetings called to justify certain person's role and position are also ineffective. This topic did not touch on an important point, which is how many meetings are considered optimal/day, week or in a month. Another point to consider the vital role of individuals who are being called in the meeting. It is important to note that the business actually is being shut down when all effective players are involved in a2-3 hour meeting.


Meetings are a group of people who have been invited because they are the people who need to know. Meetings are arranged for an opportunity to communicate with the team. Each planned meeting takes serious planning and preparation. Agendas should reflect the expectations of the meeting to be accomplished. These expectations should be shared prior to the official meeting day with the participants. Agenda items should be in order of importance. Agenda items that require action should be concluded at the beginning of the meeting. All action items should have the information sent to participants prior the the meeting. If possible at least 48 hours before the meeting. This will help to keep meetings on task and finish effeciently.

Dr. Gary Carlson

I attend multiple meetings each week and disappointedly rarely receive and agenda and most of the time I only have a basic idea as to why we are meeting. How can I influence this process, not being the one calling the meetings? I don't have time to take the lead and make sure we are being productive.

Meetings are important when needed but unnecessary meetings are frustrating. There are many aspects to a good meeting and how to improve. I would put together some ideas and send them to the people who have meetings. If you are a risk taker you will try this for the sake of the other people who are sitting through the same meetings.

Dr. Gary Carlson

I find far too often the "right" people are not invited/required to come to meetings. The decision makers and those responsible to enact decisions are often not in attendance. Give careful consideration to who needs to come to a meeting. Its about getting something accomplished not currying favor.

You are right when it comes to attendance to a meeting. There are people who need to know and those that don't. It is a waist of time for people who are not the people who would be the change agents with their leadership.

Dr. Gary Carlson

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