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do it all.

You have to be able to do the job, in order to over see it.

HI Stu

Good point. We also have that experience. When we initiate a new project we work it through to thoroughly understand it. Then we give it to staff to see how they can make things more efficient. With our understanding in the first place we can appreciate suggestions for streamlining, efficiency, and building on the idea.

You make a good point, Dr. Schulz. I would add that it is also important to obtain input from other departments within the organization. Almost always, change in one area will impact the work of and/or staff in other areas.
Yes, a leader needs to be able to thoroughly understand a job and how that job benefits the organization, but that leader also needs to be able to see the bigger picture to understand implications of change to the organization as a whole.
I also appreciate Stu's point. It's definitely important for a leader to understand a job in order to effectively oversee it.
Thanks to you both,

I have a lot of expertise in my department that I don't have. I do have the understanding of the areas covered by my staff. And the understanding to know how these areas fit into the overall plan. I do not need to be able to do every job under me. I trust my people to keep me abreast of how their particular areas need to be changed, updated, kept relevant to our projects, etc.

Great points, Rita. An organization is like a body. All the parts have to work together while doing what they are specifically intended to do. So there are mini teams within an organization and then one big team. If everyone keeps their eye on the school (the big team) more would get done and there would be an increase in employee and student satisfaction. There are many definitions of a leader. The leader has to have the school mission in mind and motivate staff to work towards the mission. The manager needs to understand how the job is done when assigning someone to do it. But then the manager has to step back to see if the employee can do it in a better way. Lots to think about. Thanks, Susan

Souunds like you are a very effective leader Barbara. You know what you know but mostly you inspire and motivate your staff to do their jobs effectively. Maybe your team is effective because they trust you to support their efforts. Thanks, Susan

It's been said that in order to be a good leader and get the job done right you don't have to do it all yourself, you just need to surround yourself with people who know how to do the job and are willing to "let you lead".

That's an interesting concept. So you either have to hire people who already know how to do the job or have a great do it yourself manual, or show them? Any other ways to get people who can do the job? That's such a challenge. Thanks. Susan

After having spent thirty eight years in a truck,I am now an instructor in a school.Dealing with so many different personalities has had it's challenges.I am finding this course to be invaluable.Thanks for the help!

Hi Ron
Congratulations on being an instructor. Sounds like you are having fun sharing your wisdom. A great way to help others.This course is great. There are many ways to gain knowledge and information. More of these courses, books, videos, etc. Best wishes, Susan

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