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What are some good suggestions to approach to a leader who is not open for new ideas?

Interesting dilemma, Carlos. And one that many employees face in an organization. The first question is who put the leader in the position in the first place and who or what is keeping him or her there? If it's the owner there may not be a lot that can be done. Depends on how bad a problem is - like limited growth and fewer enrollments - to get the person's attention. If you do get their attention lots of facts may help to get your new ideas across and approved. Takes patience and persistence. Good luck, Susan

Hello Carlos:
I have seen the situation you describe. It was in a large organization. (I am much less confident in my approach, had it been a small organization.)
The leader in question was a peer of mine, but one that I had to work with regularly. I was the new manager. After some months of effort, I concluded that I could not persuade this leader to do anything different. I then decided to: 1. work with him amicably even though I generally disagreed, and 2. "float" my own ideas upwards in the organization when I could do so without appearing threatening or overly ambitious.
It took 18 months, but ultimately he was not viewed as an "agent of change" and I was. He lost favor in the organization and I gained favor.
Bottom line, fellow and superior managers, over time, saw a difference in attitude between the two of us. I think "leading by example" is relevant here. Patience was also valuable to me.

Good points Mark. It is interesting that an organization wants all its employees to be agents of change and sources of innovation. But then permits obstacles such as the one you described to get in the way. The challenge is to get everyone thinking like an entrepreneur and at the same time play effectively with the team. Maybe everyone has to keep their eyes on the mission statement of the company. Especially management. Thanks, Susan

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