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This forum is not facilitated by a faculty member. The intention of the forum is to allow you to interact with other course participants - career school professionals who have the same interests as you. You can start a new discussion thread on any topic related to this course or participate in any ongoing discussions. Go ahead, post a question and/or share your knowledge and experiences with your peers. Let us create an active learning community where we can all learn from each other.

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This is a really great quick course on leadership. It gives the essential information about being a good leader with very do-able tasks to implement. I think anyone can benefit from this course even if they don't have anyone to lead at the moment.
Dr. Susan F. Schulz

This course serves as great reminders to us as leaders to be conscious of our employees when establishing direction and assisting them through change. As leaders, we must understand leading as facilitating the success of the team and company.

Hi Cheryl

Very good points. Leaders set the tone of the organization. Effective leaders work from the mission statement and a philosophy. What's important is that the philosophy is customer care oriented. For schools it is about creating a positive student experience. It all stems from leadership.
Best wishes

I must agree, as a leader sometimes we need to keep our head on our shoulders to avoid missleading practices.

Carlos, Being in a leadership position is always challenging. Bottom line is the example we set is what will generally be followed. You can always tell what an organization is all about by it's leaders. Thanks, Susan

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