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How to manage different personalities among employees

Are there different techniques that can be used to manage employees with different personalities?

Ofcourse, in our eviroment we will never find two groups with the same personalities, therefore we must utilze different alternatives to manage different personalities.

I believe in reading the material it is suggested that the Manager/Supervisor should make the appropriate adjustments without changing their personality, and I completely agree with the fact that the Manager/Supervisor must be assertive without being overbearing. Therefore, it might be wise to take the appropriate Manager/Supervisory seminar(s) where roll playing is a key factor and where attendees participation and experience will bring value information in assisting and evaluating the role-playing situation with positive and corrective criticism.

By using a different technique and understanding that employee’s needs.

I naturally find myself doing some of the things this course taught me. It is nice to put some structure to the techniques in order to be able to hone in on them more clearly. I am a big believer in gaining employee buy in if at all possible before a decision is made.

Differant personalities is the one constant that we can count on day in and day out. I try to find the best part of an individuals personality, a strong point so to speak, and team each other up so that it makesd it a group of individuals that support each other. We all have differant strenghts and weaknesses, one persons strong point will be support anothers weak point and so on, so as a whole group the team is whole and complete with no gaps and this seems to get all areas covered. Of course we do have to give guidelines on occasions, but if you give a basic task let see how well they complete it. Now we have a basis for the next task ahead and how we should manage it.

When dealing with people you must address each Individuals with and personality approach. Remember that you can talk to someone one way and the next person you can not approach in that same manner.

I think it's very important to get to know each employee you are working with because that will be an important tool for how you manage them. I have some employees that prefer to have more of a direct approach so the lines are very clear with what needs to be accomplished. Obviously, this style doesn't work for everyone. Other employees require more interaction and explaination. When a manager takes the time to get to know employees, there will be more of an opportunity to gauge what type of approach to take with them when managing.

Great point!

Getting to know your people's strengths and weaknesses, what motivates them, their maturity and your degree of rapport will help you manage them effectively. Each person under you is unique and how you manage and lead each one depends on your knowledge about them, motivational tools, managerial/leadership experience and your personality as well.

I agree with Richard with the employee buy in factor. As a new program manager I am finding that getting input from all of my team first is helping me and my team come up with the solutions.

There are several techniques to use when managing employees with different personalities.the one that works for me is to always keep in mind to manage each employee differently. Manage to the personality to get the desired results.

I agree with Mark. You have to focus on the employee's strengths and coach them on the weaknesses.

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