Slow Members of the Herd

How do you think it would be best to address the students that are always looking to put in the least effort and only approach an assignment in the 11th hour?

Is their learning and progress limited by their procrastination?  I'm assuming these are individual assignments. Is there a way to create touchpoints or steps that get them into the assignment sooner and becomes part of the overal assessment?  Only thoughts--I've broken down some assignments in this fashion so the assignment is broken down into steps.  I hope this helps.

I would think these are my students who need attension, I would make a plan as to how to approach them, find out what style of learning they have,direct them and work out evaluation tool and check the outcomes.


Moodle user, here...

I have used the "Lesson" activity (in Moodle) to address various learning styles via video, text, and linked outside activities (i.e. matching exercises,etc.). At the end of the lesson, there is usually a link to a quiz or another activity. I find I have more flexibility in presenting information and encouraging student engagement.

I have also been using a whiteboard site as a "virtual office".