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eLearning | New blog by ANGELINA THALLURI

After taking this course I realised that eLearning has high quality content which has polished design and can easily be navigated, since this has high quality content, the learners has to be of higher...

Multiple-Choice tests | New comment by ANGELINA THALLURI

Multiple choice may not help the students in learning, direct question and answer will help the teacher to evaluate the standard of the student.

Course in desperate need of an update. | New comment by ANGELINA THALLURI

I have used CD ROM when I finalise questions for the quiz, I check ATI first, and check on CD ROM , the new edition from Mosby, they are interactive and informative with video and pictures.

Slow Members of the Herd | New comment by ANGELINA THALLURI

I would think these are my students who need attension, I would make a plan as to how to approach them, find out what style of learning they have,direct them and work out evaluation tool and check...