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ED322 - Introduction to Culinary Instruction

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I liked where they suggested discussing the importance of travel as a learning tool. I would like to  encouraged them eat the local style of food as well as visit local producers of food and farmers' markets. This would help with palate development or their knowledge of regional and global ingredients or cuisine.  A good suggestion from the lesson.

I will be using the suggestion of bringing in guest Chefs to help teach and also encouraging students to join groups to gain experience. 

It is important for Chef Instructors to stay current and relevant in the industry. We should be discussing a multitude of culinary career paths available while intermingling good cooking and good business. Enforce professionalism and talk to students about not just taking a job for the title, but for experience. Foster the relationship with career services.

I hope to have the students present a report on the orging of some popular foods.  They may be surprised to see where they came from and how they spread throughout the world.  The potatoe is a great example of what I used to think was a European vegetable but in fact it's from the Andean Mountain region.  Once the Europeans "discovered" it the potatoe spread thoughtout the world as it is so easy to use.