Daniel Olivella

Daniel Olivella

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Prepare yourself ahead of time and make sure you are able to deliver the message by incorporating different methods. of instruction. 


The importance of having everything prepared and ready ahead of time. This will allow you to take care of last-minute unexpected issues.

Leasd by example

Be a good model, a great manager, and an inspirational motivator.

As a professional chef I have never stop educating, reading, researching and tasting new trends of food.

It is important to understand that as life moves food does as well. In our days the fact that communication (specially internet) and traveling, has shorten the distance amongst cultures and countries. We are visually exposed to foods that a while ago you could find only in textbooks. Therefore, this is one of the best times to apply all this tools to oneself learning.  

Being able to teach the importance of food cost, quality control, food safety, teamwork and camaraderie should be the base prior to even star cooking. As this will provide a base of understanding how a professional kithen should run.

It is basic for me, that a well-rounded chef has a notion and understanding of the importance of math. in order to be able to survive and to make sure that at the end of the month the food and labor cost are in tune with the reality of their business to stay afloat.

Physiology its key to determinate the flow and mood of the kitchen. It is often that individuals from many nationalities and social backgrounds are put together under critical stress. Therefore, being able to run a kitchen smoothly with respect and discipline it's a MUST for success. … >>>

Soo much of what I have read until now has already been part of my experiences as a chef. Discipline, respect and organization for me is the base for building a successful career. Recipe, techniques, math, flavor profiles and other nuances, can be taught.     

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