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"Instructors in a culinary setting can consider setting the tone of the class by inviting in a Chef or Food and Beverage Director from a local establishment to talk to the students about the "real world" importance and application of recipe cost, food cost, portion control, recipe conversion, and labor cost.  Reinforcement by an outside culinary professional often solidifies the message and captures the attention of the student."  This is something I would like to do which I feel would help students focus on the real world of the food industry and give them something to think about.


By collaborating with other teachers you can reinforce the level of education that is needed to be a well rounded chef. Also allowing students to rotate jobs within the kitchen will allow everyone to experience the different jobs needed in the kitchen. 


Being a well-rounded Chef is of the utmost importance. Educators should cross utilize material to enhance the education for their students. Staying connected to a culinary career path leads to inspiration and more relevant educational outcomes.

Culinary arts is more than just cooking.  One has to take into account outside factors such as personalities and creating an enviromnment that is conducive to working well together.  Not everyone will be the Chef and not everyone will be a line cook.  Being adapatable within the kitchen is a requirement as one day is seldome the same as the next.  Also, take into account the practical fincial aspects of culinary arts such as food waste that could add up very quickly if not curtailed.