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Mission Impossible

As i continue my journy into this exercise, I feel my job isnt as easy as we think. My students majority are rehabs. And when the students lack a solid education background, it seems almost impossible to keep up with him or her. To make my point clear, i find students with multiple variable that doesnt my make my teaching easy. For instance: 1. note taking. I give handout and class lecture,it becomes difficult. Imagine the student trying to write every word by word of what I am saying. Also, they lack of vocabulary, and slow hand writing.
2. language barrier. (dont know if this falls into this chapter). I am teaching back and forworth spanish and english. And on top of that, books are in english. And computer operating system in school is in english. Need Help and Feedback from others teachers.
Thank you.

Hi Albert,
Here are a couple of suggestions that may help you in meeting the needs of your students.
Note Taking and Following the Lecture
I give my students guided notes to follow what I am saying. Guided notes highlight the critical to know information and the students fill out part of the guided notes handout. This way they can listen, write some, and know what the instructor thinks is important. I wrote an article for the Career Education Review on using guided notes. I will be glad to send you a copy of it, if you are interested.
In terms of language, I develop a list of critical words (terms) and we drill on those in addition, I use role playing, acting motions, etc. to help my students remember the key words, I then work hard on application of those terms. The challenge as you well know is getting the students to learn both language and concepts at the same time. It can be done but it requires a lot of work by both the teacher and the students.

"Guided notes" are great. We deal with a lot of international students or students who live in Canada but may not have english as their first language. Learning disabilities is another issue.

Instructors teach to the exam, letting students know what is important for them to remember. We also do "study guides" for most of the more intense modules. This way students have a clear idea of what to study.

Hi Albert,

I can understand your dilemma, however, this is part of the teaching experience. We need to constantly review what we have been doing and take it to a further step as our students continue to change and grow in society today.
As an Instructor, we need to be very flexible and willing to accomodate the students needs.

And lets not forget trying to learn APA at the same time they are learning the subject you're teaching....

Hi Roger,
This is a good point. The learning curve is pretty steep when the students are learning both format (APA) and content application. This takes some understanding and patience to pull off with the students.

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