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age diversity

I am instructor in a rehab school,most of my students are spanish,I have to spend more time with them in reading, to make sure they did unstand what we had just cover.

Hi Sylvia,
Working with students that have unique learning needs is always a challenge. I commend you for all of your efforts. Somethings I have found to help me with my English as a learning language students are guided notes, structured outlines, and graphic organizers. All of these devices help to reduce the "fear factor" and increase the confidence of the students by narrowing down the essential course content in a way that the students can grasp it. They know through the structured outline that as we talk about the content and then read about it what are the concepts that they have to know in order to proceed in the course.

I second what Mr. Meer mentioned above. What I have seen through my experience is if we, sometimes, play clips that covers state accent also helps the student body to adopt the language faster.

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