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teacher focus

I learned from the video on teacher focus and the tendency for teachers to focus on their "star" students and "low performers" rather then their "B" students. Does anyone have examples of focusing on your "b" students and how it impacted your classroom dynamic?

I have found that focusing on the b students will gain better results. B students when they feel like they have a firm grasp on the material can be used to help your Low Performers with greater success than we can sometimes. The Stars will still perform regardless of how much attention you give them because they strive to be the best and to show you that they are the best.

yes, concentrating on what is known as the "moveable middle" is a great tactic as generally we can get the most lift with this group.

Ryan Meers, Ph.D.

I expect that "B" students are a lot like the middle child in a family. The older and younger siblings tend to get more attention. Letting this develop for too long can create disfunction.

I've found that trying to focus on all students the same amount of time does wonders. If all students feel equally attended to, no matter their grade performance, the scores and retention go up.

yes, students want to feel a part of the class & part of something bigger like employees do so this is a great strategy.

Ryan Meers, Ph.D.

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