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Know what the Students Need.

Taking time to get to know what Students best need that helps them understand what to expect on their test assesments.

Reviewing with students is one way to ensure they understand what is required in a test/ exam situation.

A very important topic. What each individual students may need can vary from person to person. Address each student according to there person and or behavior.

you have to adapt your teaching method according to each student because of their learning ability differences.

playing games is also a fun, engaging way to get them to review the material and know what is expected of them. =)

Learning what students need involves varies of teaching methods, style assessment and reward. The ultimate objective is to ascertain that each student obtain and retain the lesson provided.

When I give my final, I like to create a Jeopardy game. It is free to do online, and the students LOVE it. I never knew how competitive they could be until I implemented this particular tool. It doesn't hurt that I offer candy as well.

After we do the jeopardy, I also go over HOW i will be testing them on this information. I think this is really important for them to know so that they don't think they can just get away with not studying much. It helps when you tell them how much of the test is multiple choice vs T/F vs short answer etc.

I will say, though, I have found that they inevitably always are more successful with the multiple choice questions, so I do tend to weigh the test a bit towards that.

I like to ask random test questions from week before as a game through out the class period to see what we have retained.

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