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I am a retired Army (SF) Spanish Colonel who is working as a civil contractor in support of JSOU MET since February 2019.


I am happily learning  in my new job as a JSOU Instructor on the ocassion of every MET I have participated during these 2 years ( 2019 and 2020). These have been a total of 12 MET.  And what is actually happening to me is that , the more I learn on how to perform more effectively my job, the more excited and interested that I am on learning more techniques and better procedures.


I have just finished the first module of this ED 114 course "Questioning in the classroom" and I have already found it as a very interesting and useful course. Definitively, I trully believe tat this will help me a lot to improve my instructor´s skills and is already providing food for thought to me on how to better prepare and deliver my lectures and instruction. As a matter of fact, I do realize that most of my questions are closed questions. Just due to one of my MET colleagues recommended me to shift to open questions I have already tried to begin this change, but I have realized that  this definitively imply even a  better preparation of the lectures (if you want  to deliver the appropriate queries at the appropriate moment)


Therefore, I am more than interested to share teaching and instructor´s experiences with whomever might be interested to go for it.


Looking forward to hear from you



jsou met techniques, tips and tools which will allow me to improve my instructor skills and abilities


associated jsou met instructor.


I have used "easyflip foil" as well to facilitate small group discussions during my classes and record the common findings to present them at the larger group later on.

They are a kind of a  "new version" of flipcharts in the sense that it is much more easier to stick the sheets on nearly any kind of surface (wall, door, etc). Each sheet of easyflip foil sticks to the surface you are going to post it via magnetism and therefore it is no needed any kind of easel.

I do love these!!

I have learned several important aspects and details in regards to different delivering methods which will definitevely help me when selecting the appropriate ones for each classes.

It is quite remarkable that the module has facilitated me to mantain an opened mind-set to a variety of delivering methods based on how effective they might be to help my students to learn.

Therefore, I will double check the set of classes I have already prepared to confirm whether there might additional delivering methods to better achieve the learning objectives

Based on my two and a half years of teaching experience, I could not be more in agreement with the observations and aspects remarked during this module "Preparing youself for the classroom".

From all of them, I would specifically remark how important it is "the appropriate preparation of the classes". From different perspectives (students, methodology, support materials, classroom setting...etc). I regullarly  try to set up a Primary, Alternate, Contingency and Emergency plan in regards to these different aspects, in order to be fully prepared to deliver my classes and achieving the learning objectives.


I do consider this second module has been very useful for me similar that it was the first one. It has facilitated me a much better understanding on not only how I must consider questioning the students to improve their learning process, but also by providing to me some very useful techniques and tips that I will undoubtedly incorporate to my different lectures.

As an overall conclusion for this ED 114 "Questioning in the classroom" course, It has been very useful!! It has clarified to me several aspects on "the way of questioning to my students during my lectures" that… >>>

I was told how good and useful this ED 114 course was and I was strongly recommended to take it. He was totally right!!

I realize how useful this ED 114 course is and also several of the comments that I have already read and considered at this forum!! There are very good recommendations at module 1 which I will clearly follow during my next classes. Moreover, I opened a word document at which I have already included several notes as a kind of reminder to me on some of the most critical aspects of this module 1 (i.e. open… >>>

Reply to Michael Taylor's post:

Thanks Michael for sharing your thoughs, experience and methods. I will definitively consider them for the future on my classes.

Thanks again


Most of the MET I have participated during the last 2 years have been carried out in Eastern Europe - former USSR countries-. It is my perception that, as a kind of common pattern to the majority of the students, is that they have some reluctancy to answer  open questions. To my understanding, they seem to be more comfortable to cope with the closed ones.

Have you experienced any techniques or tools which might help the students to overcome this way of approaching to the classes and to feel more comfortable when expressing their opinions and thinking process?

NOTE: This… >>>

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I trully believe that this is a great idea and approach. I will clearly consider this approach at least for some of my lectures.

I do "suffer" something similar.

What I do in order to minimise this clear trend that I have as well, is to write some bullets as note pages. During my internal rehersals, I try to control the timings. Moreover,  based on the rehersals & timings, I adjust these note pages and since then, they become a kind of my "key road map" to follow during my lecture.

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