The IAF Center for Excellence in Education Symposium was held in Burr Ridge, IL from October 12 -13, 2010.

Topics discussed at the CEE Symposium included:

  • Session 1: Student Retention
  • Session 2: Leadership in a Changing Educational Landscape
  • Session 3: Faculty Selection, Retention and Development
  • Session 4: Maximizing Faculty Performance
  • Session 5: Negotiated Rule Making and Gainful Employment
  • Session 6: Outcomes Assessment and Quality Assurance

This group in The Lounge houses all the presentations made at the CEE Symposium. Additionally we would like to keep the conversation going, so please feel free to make comments and forward to peers.

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New Guy | New blog by Jacob Montes

I look forward to meeting everyone

Gainful Employment Solutions | New discussion by Jenny Faubert

  In Session 5, facilitated by Dr. Gary Carlson, the topic was the proposed Gainful Employment rule.  What was the most important thing you took away from the gainful employment session? &n...

12 Year Adjunct Instructor | New 2comment by Thomas Genzale

New experience for me.


Educating Nursing students from the basic of anatomy | New blog by michelle desarmes

Anatomy is consider as a basic skills for nursing students.  They need to master it in other to understand the function on the human body.

Leading Change in the "New" Environment | New 2comment by Dr. Jean Norris

So it looks as if there will be changes to admissions and faculty hiring profiles.  In addition, we'll need to examine those who are currently employed to enhance their development to meet the...

Leading Change in the "New" Environment | New 2comment by John Baun

There is no question that the changes in the sector are leading to new hiring profiles and developmental needs. Specifically in the area of Faculty Development (my area of concenrtation) it is beco...

Leading Change in the "New" Environment | New 2comment by Wendi Oliveira

Our college system has identified 3 areas that we will focus on when recruiting new admissions staff.  These same 3 areas will be the focus of development in our existing staff.  Professi...

Leading Change in the "New" Environment | New blog by Dr. Jean Norris

So I'm curious how changes in the sector impact the hiring profile and developmental needs of employees at career colleges.  In other words, will we seek a different skill set than we have in the...

12 Year Adjunct Instructor | New blog by Sharon Bell

Everyday is a new learning experience, sites such as this just confirm!  Thank you