Wendi Oliveira

Wendi Oliveira

Location: central california

About me

I have been in admissions for 9 years.  I began my career at the campus level as an Enrollment Services Director (ESD), or what many know as a Director of Admissions.  I was offered the opportunity to work at the corporate level of our college system as an Admissions Specialist.  My primary functions are in training all new admissions staff, oversight of campus ESD and filling in when we have a vacancy at the ESD position on a campus.  I love having the opportunity to train and motivate admisssions staff and feel my strongest rewards when they are successful.  Their success leads to student success and that is the primary goal for our college.


my family, reading, shopping with a heavy focus on shoes, anything that is fun- life is short


public speaking, data analysis, building successful admissions staff, problem solving, motivating staff, strong written and verbal communication


Our college system has identified 3 areas that we will focus on when recruiting new admissions staff.  These same 3 areas will be the focus of development in our existing staff.  Professionalism, Education and Passion.  We feel that professionalism is the key to credibility in admissions.  We have established educational requirements for new hires and are looking to provide educational growth for existing staff through a number of internal modalities.  With the constraints on compensation admissions may no longer appeal to those types of people who did the job to earn high wages, passion will need to be the driving… >>>

Without question the admissions process will be changing.  The amount of adaptation will depend on what type of admissons processes your school has utilized in the past and what legislation mandates for the future.  Having worked for a very student focused school system for over 8 years our philosophical approach to admissions will not require an overhaul, but will need to adapt to regulatory requirements.  As information has been provided to me I have begun looking at areas that I feel will need attention.  In 2 weeks I will be training new staff and am reviewing materials to ensure I… >>>

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