Dr. Jean Norris

Dr. Jean Norris

Location: 55 e. jackson blvd., suite 950, chicago, il 60604

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27 year veteran of the education industry working in both proprietary and non-profit higher education.  I have served primarily in the roles of marketing and admissions administration as well as a faculty member and academic dean.  My passion is training and employee development by providing innovative content and delivery that reinforces compliance and meets the demands of today's student consumer.  Our admissions training program, EnrollMatch is the FIRST and ONLY admissions training program to receive a legal seal of approval for meeting all national and regional accrediting agency admissions related standards.  To learn more please visit www.enrollmatch.com


training, admissions best practices, compliance, guidance counseling, sales


developer of enrollmatch - the ethical enrollment process; author; speaker; trainer; personal coach


Great awareness! All great steps to help you become an exceptional listener. 

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Interesting! What are some other options for you to reach the "best of the best"? 

Great perspective, and we completely agree. Truly listening is a choice, and one that takes a little practice! How do you practice your listening skills? 

Yes, it is! When was a time that you choose to collaborate that worked in your favor? 

Great question! What are some things you learned from the module that you think can assist you in building confidence? The first step is becoming aware of the students that are not confident, so great job there!

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Dahlia, that is an interesting point and great awareness. What are some things that you do specifically with students that enroll and start late in the term? 

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This is very true, Richard.  It's unfortunately the work of political agendas vs. viewing career colleges as a viable choice.  I sometimes wonder what would happen if career colleges went away?  What would happen then?

Great insights Iza!  Thank you so much for sharing with us!

@jcolon :This is true for some...but I also know that some people out there buy things without actually seeing it (think about online shopping for example).  What do we do with the people that just want information that are shopping around and aren't ready to show up on campus?

Kelly, Awareness is key, so you are ahead of the game. Keep it up! Dr. Jean Norris

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