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You raise an important point- vocabulary! Especially with non-traditional students who may not know what an LMS is. Or that Canvas or Blackboard are an LMS!!

"You can get to the LMS through our splash page" means nothing to these students, but "You can get to the page that has all of your coursework through the big blue Canvas icon on the right side of the home page that your computer opens up to when you click on our campus student homepage" is true communication. 

Customer service is the cornerstone of any higher education organization

It is important to not only tell students that we support them, but we must also show them as well.

A good focus orientation is vital

 Retention is the responsibility of everyone. It must be a part of the institution's culture, having everyone a meaningful part their each student success.Retention can be mastered by having management doing the right thing and having staff and instructors doing what is right to retain each student. By learning what brought them and why they are here is ultimately the underlying factor that is missed which is to make a better life and living conditions for themselves. 

Retention is important for success of students. All faulty involved on campus should support students in meaningful ways to build retention. 

It reminded me about emotional intelligence and how to asses it. It is true, this type of intelligence makes it easier for some students to learn. Knowing how to asses for it is key so you can help all students. I have seen the really smart students give up very easily when things don't go their way, but the ones who have the emotional intelligence may not have the best grades, but they have the best attitudes. Teaching students who develop emotional intelligence is also key as an instructor and part of the staff. Lessons can come outside of the… >>>

I am glad to have reviewed this section and reminded of the edupreneurship spirit. Some times we don't want students to see the school as a business but it is important to remind them of our expectations and how they will also be held accountable as well. Having clear expectations with encouragement will help them succeed more. Involving their families when they come visit the school and having student appreciation events will encourage them to want to do better. Placing constant motivational banners and posted around the school can help them. I have seen students walking towards the restroom and… >>>

I was reminded once again how the whole school has to work together towards student retention. It is not only the job of the class instructor to keep the student engaged, but the whole school. From the way they are greeted when they first enter the building, to the interaction they have with other departments, and the motivation they receive from those in charge. I have seen students light up and smile with just a simple acknowledgement from a director or student services admin. Students can tell when  you really care and when you don't, so it's important to practice… >>>

I have learned that mentoring has a positive impact on student success, both formally and informally. This will impact retention greatly, it really shows how much an institution cares for their students!



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