The delivery of student services is essential to the enrollment and retention of students.  Those professionals working in the area of student services need to be current on what services students are seeking and how they can best be delivered. This group is for student services professionals who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 


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love it | New blog by MELISSA CASTRO

Sometimes we may think that customer service skills are just common sense but not everyone has had the expierience or guidence to understand or have the ability to provide it without some training. Th...

First Week - What Happening | New blog by Edward Simpson III

Almost 20 years of teaching has taught me that you can always refresh what you do in the classroom.  Today, the RT102 training has helped remind me of making an impact during orientation and that...

What I Have Learned from the RT-101 Modules | New blog by Deborah Burgess

I have learned that my communication skills of active listening, proactive behavior to REALLY hear the student is very important.

Financial issues | New discussion by Debra Golden

Good to know that there are other ways a student can pay for school other than traditional loans.  I would definitely refer a student back to financial aid to discuss other options.  

good insight | New blog by Manny Macias

this was an eye opener on the impact it has to new students at schools or programs

Talking to students about realistic expectations | New comment by Dominic Sheppard

Hi Nancy, How do you handle students who do not follow classroom rules after you have made a point to go over policies. For example, the student who was sneaking a bite of their sandwich, the one...

Retention | New comment by Dominic Sheppard

It is best to keep it to about 1 hour. if you feel the need to go over, you may need to incorporate beverages and snacks.  It is also very important for the Admissions Reps to prepare their...

Keeping students engaged. | New comment by Dominic Sheppard

Goals and examples are great. We use at least 4 differevt people who share their department's purpose while ensuring all policies and procedures are covered. therexare always those challenging...

Good | New discussion by Arvinder Singh


Book Recommendation to Increase Student Retention & Enhance Active Learning (James Lang "Small Teaching" | New discussion by Brian Prows

I highly recommend James M. Lang's "Small Teaching," a well-researched, highly useful book for boosting active learning in higher education courses. Lang describes in detail how to increase learning a...