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The student having an idea of what their career will look like outside of school will greatly motivate them to finish the program. 

It is important to support students to keep them pursuing their studies.

A bad mentor can be worse for a student rather than having one at all. 

The more information for the student that is available at the admissions process, the more likely they sill succeed and finish education. 

Taking the time to ask the right questions and learn about the prospective student is very important to ensure that the student is a right fit for the educational programs and that the college is right for the prospective student. 

How important it is to keep all staff motivated and focused. I think it is essential to start from the point where everyone knows their relevance on the path towards the goal, the success of the students, and to remain consistent on that path. At my university, we have implemented peer mentoring, but we still need strategies to motivate more mentors to participate. Are you implementing any?

"What happens in the classroom during the first week will reinforce a student's decision or cause them to seriously doubt their desire and ability to succeed." This resonated with me. 


Orientation should make the student feel prepared and confident in the staffs ability to teach, mentor, and encourage them throughout their academic journey. It's important for faculty to be there to provide support.

It's important to make the student feel valued and encouraged. Keep a positive attitude and show them exactly why they chose the school they did. 

We have to remember to be "customer obsessed". The students should take priority and be made to feel like one, not just in words but with our actions. 

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