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Retention is everyone's responsibility.

Retention is the responsibility of everyone on campus, and student satisfaction is significantly a reflection of students' experience interacting with the institution. I also found the facts and myths to be quite informative and relatable. 

I believe that that student services is an opportunity to guide students through what sometimes looks like muddy waters to the finish line. To be able to guide students through their education journey, relationships have to be built and resources need to be given for a chance of an successful outcome. 

Understanding what ways to gather informationa ndunderstand what the students needs are will help in preventing students from getting to the point of making poor decisions. 

Sales awareness is important, but for me, self-awareness is the key to success. At the end of the day, you are selling a product but also selling yourself (students must like you/enjoy your personality). Students are more inclined to enroll in the University if they have an emotional attachment. Personalization to the enrollment process is also an important step. 

Feedback from students is important in order to make improvements and to keep getting better as an organization. Management and strong leadership are important, as well as effectively communicating with all the departments. Making sure employees are excited about their positions and understand their job duties is also important to ensuring the students feel comfortable and confident in their decision to enroll at the University. Management and leadership can utilize a reward system for great customer service in order to keep morale high and retain valuable employees. 

In this profession, the customer service provided to the student is what helps the University stay in business but also be top of mind for students. This can be mastered by ensuring the University has a user-friendly website, exciting and informative campus tours, and hiring employees who are passionate about what they do. All in all, it is always about the students! 

Understanding the importance of customer service is imperative to any organization. Listening to your customers is what will help the organization improve. Understanding the branding of the organization is also key to great customer service. Utilizing technology is also imperative in today's society when it comes to exceptional customer service skills. 

Very true that attention=retention! 

Monitoring and being mindful of how students learn can help with retention.  Modeling the professional behaviors we want to see in our students is paramount.

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