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I often try to interact with as many students as I can to ask about their day. The small gesture goes a long way.

I learned that spending time with prospective clients exploring the career and the students understanding is vital. Ensuring that the student understands the job description and that is what they want. 
I will ensure educating the student in the beginning via visual and other methods for better understanding.

Strategizing, preparation and clear vision are helpful to gain a better customer centric environment. 

Hiring, training and retaining the right employees who understand the mission and vision of the organization is essential to fostering a superior customer serves focused department.   

Student satisfaction begin well before the first day of class. It begins the first time the potential student makes contact with the school. 

I agree with everything being discussed here. I work in the education sector and providing excellent customer service to our students is every bit as important as receiving great service. The students we serve are our customers and everything should be done  to ensure that they have a great educational experience while they are attending our school.  

Customer services is becoming increasingly important in the educational sector. Positive engagement that fosters increased student satisfaction, enhanced learning and communication is essential in making sure the student experience is perceived as excellent.    

Students who do not see the end of their labors -- the fruits -- tend to lose focus and drift.  Career Services and the Academic Programs must work together to keep students striving and motivated -- sharing placement information (especially success stories)  is a wonderful way to do that!

My standard refrain to my instructors is that retention begins and ends in the classroom.  The teacher and the associated academic culture is the single most powerful force in helping retain students.  

Orientation is a critical event in the life of the student. Not only is it the "hand-off" between the Admissions and Education departments, but it is a capstone and a cornerstone of the student experience.  

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