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Any suggestions that would help me apply what I've learned so far?



Not only must you get to know your students as well as allow them to know you. Thru that you must model the behavior you expect to maintain in the classroom. 



I feel encouraging students, listening to their concerns will make a big impact on them. Most of them never had someone to talk too.  Sharing your Ideas and and setting...

I've learned keeping in touch with students especially the high risk students by weekly check ins. Also putting myself out there on campus and engaging with students while passing...

I learned alot from this course. It is always important to consider the regulations on a day to day basis while also valuing student's and looking at it through their eyes.

A multifaceted approach needs to be used to engage and support students

Supporting students to express their problems, providing a safe and trusting environment, and allowing them to identify the problem and possible solutions are important in retention efforts.

Demonstrating respect and concern are vitally important in conveying we are there to support our students' success

Retention is the responsibility of everyone and must be a part of the culture

When working on an issue with a student, the process should go through eight distinct stages.

  1. Pre-work

  2. Greeting

  3. Connecting

  4. Discussing...

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