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Use the insights gathered from mystery shopping evaluations to provide targeted feedback and coaching to staff.

Hiring the right people for good customer service is crucial for creating a positive experience for your customers. 

Foster a welcoming and inclusive campus culture where students feel valued, respected, and supported. Encourage faculty and staff to lead by example in demonstrating empathy, compassion, and a commitment to student success.

Actively seek and listen to feedback from customers. Use customers' feedback to make necessary improvements and adjustments to your service offerings.

I learned that the Student Services Director is help to the student on give them the information they need to take the best choice and encourage them to continue with their education, also the obligation of the student services area is inform about the terms and be aware the budget they need to do it before enrolling. 

Mentoring students from the start is very important so that they can succeed. Orientations should be planned out to inform students of everything. Having faculty and staff involved in Orientation should be a key to welcome and provide new students with mentors. I even like the idea of including senior students involved. Having an informal mentoring program in place is also a good idea to help retention- these could work for smaller school. 

The first week of classes is very important for all administrators and faculty to keep an eye on all new students. This week is where we can identify the students that may not make it and these are the ones that we need to give extra support to. Having an informative first week is important to keep all new students engaged and excited about them having made a good choice to enroll in the school. Having a start class picture to hang on a wall would be a good idea to give new students a send of belonging. Late enrolled… >>>

A well planned Orientation will help student retention and provide support to students. I like the idea that the Director of the Education should take the lead in planning a good Orientation, but have the support of faculty and administrative staff to make it a fun and successful Orientation. Faculty members are crucial for students to meet at Orientations. I do love the idea of having a picture taken when students start and hang it for them to feel like they belong. 

Students that miss initial orientation may feel lost and experience buyers remorse. Ensure they get ALL the missed information, and check with them for unanswered questions. If possible assign to them another classmate who has mastered the basics already.

Let the student know faculty is always available to help smooth the transition to school for them. Have former students mentor them when possible or troubleshoot any issues, maybe the same ones they had.

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