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I found today to be very informative on the protection of student information.  And the different entities that are designed to have procedures in place to protect personal information.

There are steps that are needed for anyone wanting to access information that they normally would not need to access.  These steps are there to insure individuals privacy.  FERPA is there to govern the proper way to access such information. 

Understanding the (who, what, when, where, & why) for student information release is very important.  It is also important to inform the students as to what information will be included as directory information etc.  We should all have a voice in what of our information is given our and to whom and why.

This was definitely a great refresher, also well updated information..

For me this is basically the same as what we do on a daily basis in the healthcare field, protect PII.  It can be tempting to look at information that you really don't need to (we as humans are nosey) but if it does not apply to us or anything that we are specifically doing then we don't need to access it.

I plan on using the periodic training resources offered by FAPSC as well as training offered by my institution to stay current and compliant in my role as Admissions Representative.

Getting examples of all advertising materials and promotions is key to understanding what can be effectively driving interest. What methods are successful. I intend on using outside events to help generate interest and involvement in the community to drive new prospects.

I learned that a best practice is to prepare a student file with all appropriate student information. Any questions a student may have relating to the enrollment agreement, fee schedules, tuition and refund information must be clearly understood by me and related to the student.

As a new Admissions Representative, I am learning the statutes and regulations governing my state alongside my institutions processes. The ability to request additional training and keeping updated with changes is something I look forward to. Excited to dive in to the position and deliver real, career choices to potential students.

I have learned how important the work of a representative or admissions agent is. It is required that he be updated with the regulations of the Independent Education Commission, in this way he will know how to provide valid and approved information about the institution he represents and its programs, in order to enroll a prospective student. There are regulations and definitions that highlight this work, I hope to be able to apply them and rule them out in my daily work.

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