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In this course, I learned about new/correct terms to use in the admission process. It gave me an understanding of Independent Postsecondary Educational Institutions  and FAC Codes, statues and regulations necessary for compliance. It is important to know the policies or any changes.

The modules are so important to the success of every student and associate. Trust is earned and following the training in compliance will surely do that. Treat students with respect and trust and they will do big things!

Trust is everything and being compliant not only helps the student succeed but the rep as well.

So much info! Audits are a big deal and a super beneficial.

Accreditation and state approval are both requirments for recieving title IV funding administered by the Department of Education.

There are several characteristics that define a culture of compliance and that, in total, guide the relationship a school has with its students and with the community at large. Trust, Mission, Transparency, and High Standards.


Core value is the foundation of a person or organization and when they align, great things happen. Integrity, trust, mutual respect, and maintaining the highest standards will make everyone successful. Students and teammates deserve our very best.

It is very important to have all the document organize and all the requirements and information that you have to pass to the students. The student must met all the requirements of the institution to be completely enrolled. I also lear the importance of the catalog and all the information that it may contain. 

It is important to know the details and Process on how the Florida Commission for Independent Education work and what it requires. When talking with a prospective student, you need to show secure of the information they will ask about the enrollment process and the details about the university. From both side, is important to define if the college is a good fit for the student, as the student has to know if it is the right choice for them. I Intend to learn everything and the policies and rules, so I can give the right information to my team… >>>

This module was very helpful! It gave us the links and resources on what to include in our reference notes for admission representatives.

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