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Training is important for employees to understand FERPA regulations. Having protocols in place and making sure employees understand these protocols are important. 

Again, this section discussed what student information is able to be shared and under what circumstances. Very insightful and informative. 

I have learned that all three Title IX, the Violence Against Women Act, and the Clery act are pieces of legislation in the United States that address issues related to gender based violence and campus safety. Furthermore, I learned VAWA specifically addresses domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. The way to apply it at work is to always know who your Title IX representative is so that you may refer any possible misconduct to the school.

I thought this module was informative and interesting because I didn't know much about FERPA before this course. Understanding the timeline of student requests (45 days to respond) and what constitutes as private information vs. shared information was useful for future practices related to student records. 

I have learned the importance and privacy of student information, and more so regarding personal issues related to health and legal.

This will be applied in the registration and management of academic extension courses at the university, as such short courses represents our priority to ensure the information of participants.

Education and communication are key to preventing this these types of incidences. Understanding "consent" is also important. 

All incidences should be reported and taken seriously. Understanding the procedures and processes of the institution is important. 

Immediate responses for complaints of this nature are very important. However, all involved should take precaution to make sure it is handled properly and professionally.

Title IX and VAWA are very important topics because they help protect organizations and students. I have learned about these topics many times in the past, but I am glad the information was provided again. Discrimination of any kind is never welcome in the workplace. I highly value company culture and making sure it is a safe and welcoming environment for everyone is imperative. 

Permission from the student prior to posting socially even if it is an agreed upon assignment. 

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