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Be aware of how your school is marketing and if they are following regulatory guidlines.

You can never guarantee a job or placement.

Always be clear and truthful.

It's important to give potential student accurate and current information. 

So thankful that we are focusing on students as PEOPLE and not just as those with disabilities. I learned about how to check my faulty thinking to encourage all to pursue their full potential. 

I like a training that asks us to "Think Outside the Box" and "make a little noise." I feel empowered after this module to think through how I can best advocate for students seeking accommodations in a creative and personalized way. 

I was very thankful for a thorough overview of both visible and invisible disabilities. I support nursing school students and I am interested in how the demands of this career field may limit the accommodations available to blind and deaf students particularly in labs and clinicals. 

Be open and honest and don't use the student's disability against them. Present the information and let them decide.

How informative! Though I learned much, I was most surprised by how complex this process is in higher education. In order to adequately weigh all complexities and gray areas, I look forward to examining each request on a case-by-case basis and will be sure to dedicate careful consideration to each request. 

Great education on FERPA


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