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It is tremendously important to constantly check in with my superiors and with state regulations as to always be in compliance as things can change quickly. 

This section helped me understand the need to connect with my marketing team as to understand what materials are approved to use for our school and how to implement them on my end. 

I learned about the importance of organizing myself to better serve my students and how that consistent process will help me stay within the guidelines provided. 

Greetings! It was tremendously helpful to me. Learning more about how perform my duties in a State Certified way has given me tremendous confidence in representing my school. Thanks! 

This section of module went over transfer credits and accredidation. It also emphasized not only learning about and from the different departments, it also was a reminder to stay up to date with any changes to your school and any new rules and regulations.

This section of the course goes over different kinds of student services an institution may provide. It also covers a few different forms of marketing strategies that a school may use. A school may not have every student service and may not use every form of marketing, but it is good to have the knowledge of them in your back pocket.

In this Module you learn about what is needed to have for a students file. You also learn that a checklist should be used in order to properly inform students of what is required for enrollment. A student will not be enrolled until the proper forms are signed and turned in. Lastly it is important to know what kind of financial assistance your school offers to properly inform the students what they could use to help them afford the program.

The importance of knowing regulations and guidelines

In this module I've learned the importance of knowing your institution. From the programs and courses, to academic assistance, career services, etc. It's important to know how your institution operates so you can translate that to the prospect student. 

This section allows me to learn about student services,  advertising and marketing as well, key factors for admission success.

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