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Its important that information is accurate and follows what is posted about your school. Make sure not to talk about any specific competitors. 

I found it very challenging to guarantee confidentiality while teaching synchronously online, almost impossible. You have no control of the environments the students are in.

Maintaining up to date information and importance of each department

It is important to connect with other department and keep abreast. Marketing, networking

I have learn the importance to be organized, having a check list during the admission process.

I have learned that the admission policies are important and I intend to stay informed and follow the regulations and attend training as needed to stay updated

This is important information. Accurate information with clear ideas and not approximations. 

know the rules of the institution and validate the information/request then comply accordingly.


keeping records confidential is very important for integrity. written consents should be made well understood at enrollment to the school.

because many students entering college at an early age, i like it that parents have a way to keep up with their under age children and their education with the help of the IRS.

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