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Comment on Judy Whitehill's post: Comment on Judy Whitehill's post: I agree students must be identified.

It is always a best practice to do what is right for the student and the college. Do not mislead the student or try to manipulate the scenario. Compliance is what protects the school so understanding it as faculty and staff is a vital part of our job. 

I really did learn a few things that will be helpful

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Your Resource notebook should represent your institution. Keep it updated

Admissions department must be well-informed about student services offered (and not offered) on campus, especially placement. It is important to share real information with prospective students and not overstate or over-promise.

I echo some of the other comments, having a checklist and completing it consistently is key.

As a seasoned Admissions representative, this module is a great reminder of the importance of compliance and ethics in our field.  I also appreciate the description of accrediting bodies and what their function is.

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Follow your institutions guideline with the admissions process

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Organization is key. Keeping updated with any changes is important

I learned that there are many rules that we need to make sure that we follow as a school. One that stood out to me was that we need to make sure that we are not lying or misleading them. We need to make sure that we uphold the Federal and State standards. All states vary in the regulations, so we need to know that we know what ones are for our state. I liked that they had the Do's and Don'ts list. That helped me a lot. I was also very interested in do not call list. I did… >>>

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