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During this module, I learned why being up-to-date on our institution's policies and procedures is imperative. I also did not realize that the course needed to be completed yearly; however, this ensures that we are compliant and giving students, prospective students, and other people the information needed.

I learned that any indivudal who functions as a recruiter, admissions representative, director, admissions agent, is required to comlete the training. 

Ine this section, I learned the importance of networking within the institution to give students the best experience possible. They have a village to assist them with their time in the program and we need to make sure they are aware of all who can assist them.

So far, I have learned the difference between compliance and a culture of compliance. Compliance is the act of doing what you have been asked and simply following rules and regulations, while a culture of compliance is far more than just complying. It is about doing the right thing for the right reasons. 

Providing students with regulations and up to date information on important policies such as transfer credit rules and accredidation statuses are an important aspect of enrollment.

It is essential that the enrollment provides the necessary resources to students during their time. Having orientation, career services, and counseling available to students can be instrumental in their success once enrolled.

Having a well organized resource notebook can make a huge different in the efficacy of your recruiting practices.

Working across multiple states that have differing recruitment policies, it's so important that I know the mandates in Florida so I can represent my institution faithfully.

Documentation is vital in the process of enrollment for all students no matter if they interview and don't attend or if they decide to enroll. Making sure everyone is on the same page of documentation and where to keep said documentation will make sure we stay organized and consistent through the entire enrollment experience.

Learning more about my responsibilities as an admissions representative is critically important for me to do my job well.

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