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I learned about admissions terminology.

My understanding from this section is to follow all rules and compliance standards set by the instituion especially when it comes to students and keeping the institution open.  Staying honest and not lying or embellishing information is vital to the success of a college/university.  Reply   ...  

Nationally accredited programs must comply with specific requirements, such as national board pass rates, which demand that only students who demonstrate the ability to succeed be admitted into the individual programs.  Admitting students based on a financial goal undermines the individual programs and ultimately leads to the programs' demise. A better plan is to build a solid reputation by carefully screening students being admitted to ensure 100% pass rates, and develop other non-accredited programs for students who need more time to develop the skills needed to succeed, or to introduce them to other opportunities.  

FERPA has taught me the importance of student privacy, and that a lot of information about a student cannot be disclosed. There is also a difference in educational and directory information.

This was very informative. It gave me more knowledge on how at institution have many rules you must comply with that can help along the way when becoming apart of the administrative staff. 

You must stay compliant at all times

In this section I learned how to stay informed and get updated information from the Florida CIE site

Providing accommodation to students with disabilities is very helpful not only for providing access but also for promoting student success.

I learned the different types of advertising and the importance of knowing what is being advertised for my institution 

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