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Its important to make sure all docs are completed correctly, accounted for on checklist, and in compliance. 

Its important to always be in compliance with advertising and marketing to make sure consumers have all the info they need to make the best decision possible. 

It's important to be thorough and cover all required information and potential obstacles during interview. 

It's important that reps do this regularly to keep up to speed with admissions requirments

The information is timely and helpful .

It's important to stay up to date with all of your school's policies as well as Florida's regulations

Each Institution has different services and different offerings in the catalogs. 

It's Important to know all of the documentations and all kinds of policy your institution has for the student and also be organized so you can find all the regulations that you have to follow

It's important to understand the policy and the compliance while working for an University. Workers should follow regulations and also focus on using correct verbiage in their roles. 

It is important to keep aware of how your school is marketing and social media posts to make sure they are compliant.

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