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Comment on Marie Daurel's post: Transparency is of the utmost importance in the admission process. 

WOW! FERPA is a great way to protect personal information.

The difference between Directory and Non-Directory information... Directory would be non-sensitive things such as name, address, phone number, place of birth, etc. Non-Directory would be more sensitive and include Race, Gender or Social Security Number.

I've learned that FERPA protects a student's right to their records and student files, and not everyone has access to them even if they work in the educational institution.

In this module I learn about the importance of a few topics. Mantaining a updated resource book, working in an accredited institution, knowiing the transfer credits policies. Finally the questions I can ask to gain more info about the institution. 

I learn that the best way to know more information and give a correct orientation is networking with other staff members and directors. Not only networking, also you can read the catalog, sit on classes and ask about students offers in the institution. 

In this module I understand that is important to have knowledge about you institution requirements before call your prospective student. To be prepared before an orientation is important to have a check list.

From this module I learn that you have to be an expert and be familirized with your institution information, so you can provide correct orientation to propectives students. 

Was a pleasure to join this course, I’m representing Alen South Lake University and to learn about enrollment and all the process was very gratifying, because now the education have to be fun, give a step forward and with the help of the technology to create a great experience for the employees and students 

I learned about the importance of staying organized and to add rules and regulations to my resource notebook. 

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