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Comment on Tim Haubrock's post: You right! Is very important to print it and have it everytime

Staying up to date on not only our department but every other department helps us provide a better service to our students.

A person's educational record is protected under FERPA until they die. Even after they die, there are only select people who can request access to the file.

These modules help me remember that is important to know who you represent, being informed keeps the prospect/student informed which provides a sense of stress relieve in their process.

It is very important for us to be able to understand the process when enrolling students keeping in mind to follow compliance. Organization is key when following the process of admitting students.

This is my first position in higher education as an Admissions rep, and knowing the actual terms really helps make the process much easier to grasp and connect everything that I have been learning so far.

I learned that it is everyone's responsibility to protect a student's record and adhere to FERPA regulations as it pertains to disclosure.

I’m a marketing professional, and doesn’t matter the kind of company, in this case the university is important too to know the marketing plan, to get the prospects students, to know the students that are enrollment and the graduate one.

Comment on Denia Sepulveda's post: Yes I’m agree with you, is very important to know it..and team effort

Comment on Marie Daurel's post: Transparency is of the utmost importance in the admission process. 

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