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A marketing plan is a good best practice, however a formal plan is not mandated for the Florida Commission.

In this module I learned about the importance of pre-planning and how to prepare for enrollment meetings with students.



I learned the process for creating and maintaining a resource manual, along with important terms regularly used within the department.

All students must be given opportunity of an action plan to successfully pass their courses.

Engage students in their learning and fostering team in developing study habits.

No matter where an offense occurs of sexual harassment or sexual violence, it must be investigated per Title IX or VAWA policy to determine if it falls under the guidelines established. An investigation by the Title IX coordinator does not transfer to a criminal investigation.

At first it seems a little overwhelming but it also seems like common sense.  

I've learned that Title IX and VAWA were created to help institutions build a safe environment for students, employees, and others from harassment both sexual and violent. It ensures that a culture of safety is being taught, promoted, encouraged, and executed to create and maintain a safe environment for everyone. I will do what I can to ensure that I am abiding by these laws and looking out for those I work around. 

Comment on Danielle Baptiste's post:  Hi, Danielle!  Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback! If you could select one learning objective that was met, what would it be?  Are there any improvements you would make with this course (i.e. content, quiz's,etc.)? 

My best,

President Steinbock



Training was very informative, and provided the material we all need to remain compliant

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