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Other Important Regulations | Origin: CM104 | New comment by Leeann Roberts

The item that I learned from this section was regarding the DNC list.  I was not aware that there is a 3-month window to open calls up if the person requests info or requests a call after being...

Create Transparency: Representations | Origin: CM104 | New comment by Leeann Roberts

When we create transparency with a prospective student, it forms the basis of the bond of trust.  That is what is needed to form that lasting bond with a student that results in retention and...

FERPA Fundamentals | Origin: CM141 | New comment by Chelsey Somarriba

Those who have access to a student's record due to teaching a class should only access the grades related to their own class.  Faculty must protect their students' privacy by being personally...

Create Transparency: Marketing and Disclosures | Origin: CM104 | New comment by Leeann Roberts

I am appreciating this course, as it refreshes the things I first learned almost 10 yesrs ago.  Some things have tightened up but the one thing that I hadn't remembered was the military...

Build trust together | New discussion by Adam Barbee

Lets make this a workplace we are not only proud to be a part of but also are happy to attend.

FERPA Challenges to Consider | Origin: CM141 | New comment by Amy DiNella

I learned that the USA Patriot Act can amend FERPA and information can be released without parent or student consent to the Attorney General of the United States if it is in connection with an...

FERPA in Action | Origin: CM141 | New comment by Amy DiNella

I learned that a student can dispute a grade and add their statement of disagreement so although the grade stands, the student's comment will be included when the grade is released.

Staying Up-to-Date and Compliant | Origin: CM201 | New comment by Pamela Petersen

It is imparritive the institution stays current and in compliance with Postsecondary Schools in Florida  

FERPA Compliance | Origin: CM141 | New comment by Amy DiNella

I learned that the institution during an audit must note for each record that is provided the agency name and date that the information was shared, and if it was electronic or physically...