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Was a pleasure to join this course, I’m representing Alen South Lake University and to learn about enrollment and all the process was very gratifying, because now the education have to be fun, give a step forward and with the help of the technology to create a great experience for the employees and students 

I learned about the importance of staying organized and to add rules and regulations to my resource notebook. 

I learned about the different advertising methods that are used to bring awareness to an institution. I am going to learn about the different marketing strategies for my own institution. 

I learned that it is important to be knowledgeable about financial aid assistance that my school provides so that I can inform the students in the best way possible. 

I am starting my position as an Admissions Representative. This module was very interesting, and I was able to learn about the best way to create my resource notebook so I can be well educated to assist my students. I learned that I must stay up to date with the rules and regulations. 

FERPA rules do not apply to students/graduates when they die.

I have learned the basic meanings and uses for the ADA and 504. I have also learned some examples of reasonable accommodations and when they do or do not apply.

I appreciate knowing that an institution has 45 days to respond for requests for student records.  It's nice to know we don't have to feel rushed to provide them the day they are requested. 

Whew!  That section was a rough one.  It had a whole lot of grey area.  If this happens, then this is ok, but this is never ok unless this this and this happen, but when this happens you can never do that, this person can see this but that person can't.....I would need a black and white cheat sheet next to me at all times to memorize the ins and outs of this section.

I gained better knowledge on TitleIX

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