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I appreciate the  knowledge of risk factors, both for educating students as well as my own children.  The fact that the post-trauma victim response can mimic the appearance of "lying" is a powerful piece of knowledge and invokes the need to change opinions on nonverbal cues in these situations.

I like knowing that off campus crimes are still reported and investigated, since they can still have a significant impact on the lives and learning abilities of the students.

I appreciate knowing how to report incidents, should a student come to me with an issue.

I am glad to know of both the Clery Act and VAWA, and how they work together in combating violence.  

I learned that in certain situations personal information of the students will have to be shared with authorities. 

Throughout this module, I have learned that the student admission process must be followed carefully as indicated to ensure that the person receives all the necessary information and has clarity about the institution and the program to be studied.
The admissions officer must be very organized and ensure that all forms are correctly filled out for their file.

I learned more about FERPA.

It is important to know your National Accreditation rules and regulations especially as related to Title lV funds.

This training is key to the success of any school

Comment on Betty Diaz's post: I agree with that

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