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transfers, accreditation, and tools for resources and etc . 

More on student support services, making sure that I am aware about career services and other departments. Also, the services student services provides.

Learned a lot about what is required to be clear and concise in the enrollment agreements and other paper work for the student. Also, that everything must be filled out even if you must put "N/A". Then making sure I know the processes for my school as far as next steps after creating the prospect profile. 

I learned about the neccessities of this position that are needed for us as admissions reps. Also other resources we should check out that maybe just guides for our specific institution that we work at. 

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Very good training.

Equal access or ease of access does not just apply to students but also to guests and parents on campus. 

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Protecting students by understanding their rights is essential.

After taking this couse its great to know that my campus is on track with all the safety dills and compliance mandates. Informative information.

Social media is very popular but also can be very dangerous. Be smart, be ethical.

The accreditation process involves a very detailed comprehensive self evaluation of the inner workings of your institution. It is a valuable exercise to employ and master.

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