As a career and technical education professional, you understand that your students need to be ready for the world of work. As a rapidly changing world affects us all, its important to ensure that your students recognize how they will interact with the global economy throughout their careers. Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help strengthen project management skills through building STEM skills.


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Outside help | New discussion by Chris Weber

i have trouble getting enough outside resources ( people ) to help make this system work effestively any suggestions?


The SAGE elements are present on my construction trades job site and the students actively engage all aspects of the project 

reflection | New discussion by Demitra Marker

Students tend to shy away or be resistant to working in groups. This is due to the projects they are getting which seems like a bunch of busy work. CTE/STEM teaching real world application, inquiry an...

Reflection | New comment by Demitra Marker

I agree. The biggest question I hear from students is "How am I going to use this in the real world?" That is what STEM and CTE is all about.   

Reflection | New comment by Edith Oyugi

I agree with your evaluation, students will foster a new environment and will help students prepare for the future.

Reflection | New discussion by Edith Oyugi

Our CTE is important because they are areas that guide students and help them nurture their abilities and skills in an encouraging environment. This impacts them by helping them gain em...

Reflection | New comment by Edwards Edwards

I agree that CTE helps to prepare students for the future. As a CTE instuctor, I believe that it is important to invest into the future education of our students by providing them with an education...

Reflection | New discussion by Tommy Lam

The children of today is our future. A lesson is learned when we pass it on to someone else. That is why as engineers, and to anyone else who wish to make a change for others or themselves, that we ta...

Refection | New discussion by Jacob Perez

There many difficult tasks we all face every day and many have been eased with the work of engineers. As an engineer, it is our goal and mission to solve the world's issue and further advance human so...

Reflection | New discussion by Matthew Cantu

CTE courses are of importance and I believe pertinent to all students as they provide the academic and employability skills necessary that'll help them achieve success in the workplace far more than t...