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Understand that we are all an institution with a manager, if the institution provides us with the necessary resources for successful performance . It will be easier to pursue the vision.

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Great idea! I work remotely and am in front of my computer nearly all day; a quick stroll would definitely help manage some stress!

This course was awesome. It helps me to deal with as well as how to reduce stress at work

It was good practice of how to be a manager and be more professional in the work place :)

I learned that in order to positively handle stress and prevent myself from burning out i need to have a healthy work-life balance and to have healthy hobbies and interests outside of work.  Also to be able to positively be able to address the stress by talking to someone about it and practicing breathing techniques or taking a walk when i feel like i am becoming overwhelmed.  

I plan to stay positive and manage my time accordingly so that i do not get burnt out 

Thanks so much for this wonderful PD. This will be very vaulable moving forward this school year. 

As a Talent Skills Trainer and Curriculum Developer for 21st Century Workforce, I found the course contained excellent. The questions test your reading and the ability to follow written directions. After taking the test the first time I found, I needed to re-test with more knowledge and incite to improve my knowledge and score.

We are all aware of the strengths we have as professionals. The question becomes whether or not we are just as realistic about addressing our weaknesses. I am ineffective if I know my weaknesses and do not take the time to address them to allow growth. I learned to set realistic goals: I must be honest with myself, take my time, be specific about what I am addressing, focus on my behavior, accept the results, get others' opinions, and use all results to strengthen my abilities. 

The Philippine society has been plagued by false beliefs. One of them, making your job, your life, and always going the extra mile... for a job where you are replaceable.

Teachers in the Philippines, from both public and private schools are overworked. Apart from teaching duties, giving lessons, creating plans and exams, they are bombarded with administrative work, extra curricular work, "baby sitting" work, and all other things teachers had to endure since time immemorial. Still, they remain to be in one of the most underpaid professions.

Working beyond office hours, teachers literally spend at least 70 percent of their… >>>

As a career soft skill, people must always know how to assess themselves. Apart from knowing our strengths and weaknesses, we must know the impact we have on others, and always live by an ethical standards.

Knowing your abilities and limits will enable teachers like us to know which to skills to teach and which to work on, so that we can be better facilitators of learning. Sometimes, students may be better in some areas like technology. We must accept our weaknesses and improve on it. 

As teachers, students see us as role models. As such we must always keep… >>>

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