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Stress is always going to be present in one's life due to the everchanging nature of our daily activities. However, this does not mean that we need to let it negatively affect us consistently. In the workplace stress can become more apparent due to consistent deadlines, tasks, and colleague relationships. It is important to recognize the stress and burnout within others and approach conversations with an open mind for a better working relationship. This course helped me recognize and shine light on the areas of my life that were more stressful than others and provided me with time to reflect… >>>


Stress can be a difficult thing to handle, however, stress can be something that positively drives you and your goals. Knowing how to utilize your stress and use it to motivate you is the best way to combat the negative feelings stress can bring you!


Best Practices/Action Plans:

When you're stressed, make a list! Nothing combats stress more than organization! Keep a planner to organize your days. If you have mountains of items to complete, break them down by priority. For example, I work with many different cohorts at my workplace, so instead of being overwhelmed, I go… >>>

The course's suggestions made me think of the Color/Feelings Wheel, a tool that has helped me feel grounded when I start to feel overwhelmed by stress, and I like to share this tool with my students when they share with me they are feeling stressed. While looking at the Color/Feelings Wheel, I ask three guiding questions: 1) What am I feeling right now? 2) What do I want to feel? 3) What do I think I need to do to help me feel that way? I feel the questions help remind me to step back and reflect, to work on… >>>

Managing stress is important.
Healthy stress can help students and teachers identify areas for refinement. Time management skills and the ability to break down large projects are necessary to keeping stress and responsibilities at a manageable level
Take some time for yourself.
Making lists on what I need to complete helps me be not so stressed about what I need to complete.
Great insight on how to manage stress.
Create a daily schedule where you can decompress and manage your feelings about the situations you feel stressed about.
Be honest and upfront.

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