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I haven't used a Rubric in the past, although it appears to be a bit time consuming at first, it's a great tool in achieving better overall outcomes for the student and instructor.

I've used both objective and subjective assessments, the subjective essay style assessments are more time consuming to grade, although they give a much clearer measurement of the students grasp of the subject.

I learned about the importance of Diagnostic, Formative and Summative assessments. I plan to start using diagnostic assessments moving forward.  

I've learned about the various types of knowledge assessments and the importance of using the correct tools at the appropriate time.

Great explanation of online assessment by "stool concept" and feedback importance. Very useful handouts for instructors; notes, self assessments and readiness.

Rubrics are both simple and complex.  It is difficult to anticipate all the situational variances that may be assessed by the rubric.  


I have learned the importance of selecting the right tools and testing them for use in an LMS

incorporating assessments can be extremely helpful

Rubrics are necessary with subjective assessments

I like the 5 evaluation components. They provide a good blueprint for effective course evaluation, as well as help to identify weak areas in the course delivery

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