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I usely teach and essess the students are grasping by ascking questions. 

Online test can be of multiple factors and you are able to post anywhere 

I had never really considered the utility of "before" assessments such as surveys or ungraded quizzes.

As a first time instructor, I am very open to the various types of technology and look forward to seeing how they do or do not work well, and get student's point of views. I'm hoping to implement multiple types of technology tools in order to help all styles of learning.

Doing assessments before, during and after help evaluate the course structure.  Adding scenarios can definitely  individualize the assessments and assist with understanding the student's learning style

I have learned the importance of online assessment - before, during and after - classes. Also I find really interesting how to avoid students cheating using technology and managing questions applying codes and variations. And not less important, tips to ask questions on scenarios. 

Try my best to engage students in their learning by pointing out the importance of the real field!   

I have learned different ways in which to assess a student's learning. The before, during. and after lesson assessments can be an effective way to reiterate information. I really like the preassessment which will tell me a student's knowledge on the subject before we even get into it. It's also important to understand each student's retention and ways of learning. This will help me to meet a student halfway and go back through things that certain students may still not be grasping. I also want to build on more critical thinking questions in my online quizzes rather than just multiple… >>>

Being a specialty instructor, to try to be a role model and to bring all the possible materials from our personal experience on the table, to try to make the students feel that they are the most important part of the instructor's job and that they can make it to their goal if they set up their plan.

I learned by incorporating the "before, during and after" assessments that we can meet students where they are at. Feedback is important to allow students the ability to see what they learned.  Asking the right questions to foster critical thinking skills and cooperative learning. Realizing the technological challenges students face which may impede their learning process.  To overcome any challenges, it is essential to adapt to their environment and partner with the students to help meet their needs. Helping to design a course with questions and scenarios to enhance the critical thinking processes to implement their learning growth.

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