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For Enhancing online teaching involves a combination of pedagogical strategies, technological tools, and an understanding of students' needs

During this session I was able to understand in depth the reasoning behind having a rubric and how that will help guide the assignment. 

I appreciate this course teaching us the difference between subjective and objective assessments that could be mistaken as the same.

This course has been great as far as explaining how to know the difference between assessment and evaluation as well as understanding that there needs to be a competency baseline to know what you are working with and how to grow. 

This course allowed me to understand the reasoning behind knowledge-based modules and assignments especially before hands on training to receive the best outcome and retain learning for students. 

Although I have used rubrics for years, in this module i learned how essential they are for student success and learner understanding of the goals for the assignment. 

It can be very helpful in removing biases. 

Objective assessments have a right or wrong answer. Th subjective allows the student to use more high-level thinking in their response. 

This module reinforced that assessment is a tool for the instructor to learn from about the course and the teaching. The evaluation is focused on finding out what the learner has gotten from the lesson and grading.

Since there are tools for specific outcomes, one must select the tool with the end in mind. 

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