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Rubrics are necessary with subjective assessments

I like the 5 evaluation components. They provide a good blueprint for effective course evaluation, as well as help to identify weak areas in the course delivery

For rubrics to be effective, student involvement is critical.

Develop fair, reliable, and accurate rubrics 

Rubrics can provide valuable feedback for students, if carefuly palnned.

The creation of rubrics can be time consumoing, but they can be very helpful to instructors and students if created correctly.

Rubrics,though time consuming for the instructor to develop, offer the student an understanding of measureing knowledge and the quality of their work.


I do find using rubrics with some projects advantageous, but am glad we don't grade entirely by rubrics.  I find them very limiting.  We use a rubric sent by a curriculum...

i believe this was very valueable and helpful to all

I have Learned different and spefic assesments

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