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You have to make sure whatever training tools you are using are right for your class and the projects that come up along the way. 

All the topics given in this lesson are very interesting . The most that stood out to me the most were the challenges and how to over come them. 1st is technology as many students have issues with up to date computers or laptops and issues with wifi. Also, cheating and plagarism. I like the methods that were suggested by using proctor tools like locking browsers  to prevent right clicks and search on google and having them timed and shuffling exams. 


I learned that rubrics are way more useful than just providing consistency.

I learned that essay questions should build on memorized facts and ask the student to apply the facts to scenarios. 

I learned about the muddiest point -- I am going to apply it before laboratories. 

I've learned that it is important to solicit feedback from students as to how effective various online tools are in aiding learning. 

Choosing the right tool and the essence of feedback

The students assesment and evaluations are a rich tool to improve a program, course, unit, content or task!

I ve learned / remembered: 

1)  Assessment reliability and validity

2)  Objective and subjective assessments.

3)  Norm- and Criterion-referenced assessments.

It is neccesary a combined educational strategy with assessment and evaluation

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