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I like the idea of using dots to track the patients
I learned some different activities to use in the classroom

9-10 minutes attention span

"We may have all the information but it is only effective when delivered with retention"- Lara Manese

There aremany interesting ways to present vocabulary exercises. Will definitely use them in class.

Group activities is not just fun. it also create spirit of teamwork and sence of accomplishment at the end of the day. 

I have learned that student retained information that appeals to their emotion. They will either love it or hate it for them to remeber it. Anything in between takes 6 times exposure to content to retain in their memory. 

I really like the dots, I am going to try that one!!!

I love the idea "what is wrong with this picture" I will try this in tonights online class for my nursing students!!!

Collectively great work can be done 

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