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I really like the dots, I am going to try that one!!!

I love the idea "what is wrong with this picture" I will try this in tonights online class for my nursing students!!!

Collectively great work can be done 

will use matching/concentration game

Instead of index cards for matching games use Quizlet and print off the terms.  The students can match the terms.  I put them on cardstock, laminate, and put magnets on them and use them as a station for practice.  

I love the idea of the t-shirts! This is useful for students who take health assessment when they are struggling to know where to place the stethoscope to visualize underlying organs.

I really like all the ideas for clinicals such as the bingo card and the dots to assess their progress.

I have been in a few situations where it was challenging to find a way to teach difficult concepts. This module explained how to find different ways to approach these situations. 

It seems that creating an activity, and actually implementing it will take too much class time, but I'm willing to give it a try to change the classroom environment to a more active one where the students stay more engaged. 

I have learned from this module that how to assess and utilize a learner's frame of mind.

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