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I have used some of the methods in classes, but learned some new ideas to incorporate such as the thinking game and getting students to practice using all the senses in assessment.

For this module, I learned a new way to find out student’s preferred learning style by asking two questions:  “What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say the word apple?” and “How did you learn a job skill that you did well and enjoyed”? This is something new that I can implement with in the first day of class as an ice braker as well as to see the various learning styles I will be teaching.

While studying "Operationalizing Educational Theory in Your Class" course, I learned that while I may know a subject well, I need to know how my students earn and apply it throughout my lecture. For instance, Kinesthetic in which an individual learns through touching or various actions. As an instructor in mathematics, I utilize this method through class participation where an individual would come up to the board and solve an equation. At the same time, have students in groups of two and work on a specific equation. Once completed, have students check with others to see if they arrived at… >>>

I like the envelope game.  It's easy to organize by breaking the class up into small groups.  It is done to help learn new definitions and terminology.  It engages everyone, tests for accuracy and it's fun because the groups are racing against the clock.

I like the Make Me a Match game.  Classes in the medical field involve a lot of memorization of terms and this is a great activity to do with the class to reinforce new material/vocabulary.  It involves the whole class to help them learn as a group.


I like the ball toss activity to use at the end of class because it engages the students to stand up, everyone gets a turn and the instructor can assess how well the students retained the learning points that were given for that day.

It has been proven that students learn and retain information best when engaging in activities related to new material being presented rather than just sitting through lectures.

I like the idea of using dots to track the patients
I learned some different activities to use in the classroom

9-10 minutes attention span

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