It is critical for instructors to model professionalism to their students and all others with whom they work.  As role models for their professional area, instructors set the standard for the professional conduct that their students need to acquire. This group is for educators who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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Soft Skills Rubric Assessment | New blog by Karen Phipps

To ensure students are equipped with soft skills needed to be successful in the workplace, the Career and Technical Education department in my school is working with teachers, parents, students, admin...

Fostering Soft Skills in the Classroom| Origin: ED402 - ED403 | New comment by Karen Phipps

One important take away from the ED 403 class is to encourage students to use feedback to make improvements to hard and soft skills.  

Writing Across the Curriculum | Origin: ED205 | New comment by Manuel Sicre

The ability to communicate your thoughts, both written and oral, are highly important as a manager.  

Teaching Professional Skill | Origin: ED205 | New comment by Manuel Sicre

Excellent thoughts on critical thinking...  

Teaching Professional Skill | Origin: ED205 | New comment by Myriam Rivera

Critical thinking are higly desire by empoyers. We need to prepare students how to develop a crtical thinking. Numerous studies reflect the imporatnce of the critcial thinking in the workplace....

Can not rest final quiz ED115 | New discussion by ARTHUR CALABRESE

I can not reset the final quiz for a second retrial because there isnoreset button  showing. How can Iproceed or unenroll in ED115 to do it all over again.

Managing Emotions | New blog by Elizabeth Crespo

Having more control of my emotions.  I will not longer rush to answer an email or text until I can first control how I am feeling so that it is not reflected in a negative way.

Supporting Computer Literacy | Origin: ED205 | New comment by Francisco Gonzalez

Computer literacy is something of upmost importance today. It is not possible to do what is needed in handling today's needed information without computer literacy.  

Supporting Student Professional Growth | Origin: ED205 | New comment by Francisco Gonzalez

Knowledge is power (Francis Bacon) With this thougt in mind, learning is a never ending process. We must understand that continous education is something we have to practice and encourage our...

Teaching Personal Interaction | Origin: ED205 | New comment by Francisco Gonzalez

Students active participation is a very important part of their learning processs. Teamwork is a perfect training for what will be a common way of working once you're in la corporation, working in...