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I learned how important emotional intelligence is and how necessary it is in the classroom.  It is a set of abilities that helps us manage ourselves and manage our relationships with others.  This skill set is imperative to have when interacting with students.

EQ is an ability to help manage ourselves and to manage relationships with others.

Soft skills are more important than hard skills.  These skills relate to how you interact with others at work.

I work for such an awesome company and feel my leadership already put lots of effort in emphasizing such strategies. This module reassures me that what I am currently doing in class, is the best method for management within the presentation, discussions, team building and time management. 

Having good EQ will help you pick up on when something is wrong with the students.

Go with my gut and use common sense.

Most of the discussion it something I implement daily to myself and students. Very good reminders. 

Low EQ can mean health issues. 

Ten important soft skills 

1. Attention to detail

2. Being drug free

3. Conflict resolution

4. Customer service 

5. Dependability 

6. Good Work relationships 

7. Integrity 

8. Positive attitude 

9. Understanding others 

10. Using common sense 


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