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I learned  that when you are in tune with your own emotions the less likely  you need to manage other peoples' behaviors.

I learned that lack of common sense will impede some one from implement their soft skills.

Did not realized the components fo emotional intelligence.

Did not realize how much more effective people skills are compared to technical skills.

In ED403 - I learned of additional strategies to use for students to help them work on their soft skills.

Students may be proficient in using computers, but may have all the skills needed.  Focusing on specific computer literacy skills can be very beneficial for them and help them to be successful in the future.

We focus on being lifelong learners ourselves; it's important to encourage students to also be. 

These are things that I focus on in my Business Communications course; I plan to touch on them in my other classes as well.

I plan on increasing opportunities to help students to improve their writing skills in my class.

Great suggestions to foster critical thinking and creativity in my classroom.  

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