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Working in a group or team setting teaches students how to communicate and work well in teams. This will enhance their skillsets to do so in a corporate setting in their career field. In the classroom divide the group work up into parts and as a whole and develop a grading system to hold not only the group but the group participants accountable. This also works on the student's soft skills. 

I have learned in this chapter the importance of writing and how to utilize it for many different purposes. For example it gives you practice when utilizing it for educational studies, or it can be a form of expression and creativity. It can also help with soft skills by working on a group project collaboratively. There are also different stages and steps of writing. knowing how to evaluate these steps and reviewing your writing can be very useful in your educational and professional pathways. 

What I have learned in this section of the course is active listening skills, effective ways of communication, Critical thinking & creativity to engage with students. 

One of the most important things to remember is that everthing we do is in some way a people business, so we much remember to treat every as someone.

While the statement that computer literacy is essential in the modern world, holds water, I do believe it is important to recognize the role that critical thinking plays in the development of computer literacy and to understate the role it plays leads to the detriment of the student. 

I would disagree that the "distinction" between online learning and brick-and-mortar learning is disappearing. Some might wish that there is no distinction, but learning in person is far different than learning online. This is why, I will continue to attempt to provide lessons as close to replicating in-person learning as possible. 

The value of letting students practice teamwork. Students seem to hate being paired with strangers to complete an assignment, but it is important they overcome this hatred and realize the more they practice the skill, the easier it will become, and that, avoidance of these situations is virtually impossible. 

It is important to make sure all students know exactly why the work they are doing is related to what they want to achieve, and this is something I will continue to do, make sure there is a direct connection between any writing and the students' interests or desired outcomes. 

Soft skills help you in the class room and in life.

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