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Personal motivation of student's has taken a nosedive due to the pandemic, economic uncertainty, climate change, and a divisive political climate. It is our responsibility to help students regain this personal motivation. They are not inherently lazy or disinterested, they are struggling and need even more support and guidance from faculty and staff. 

Developing a rapport with students creates successful teaching environment.  Involving students in something light hearted in the beginning of the class, sets up the learning environment as fun, and makes the student want to attend class.

What I learned from this course what how to be able to better assess a student depending on their situation. At the same time making sure each student is paired with another diversity and age range will allow all to also learn from another.

 I have learn to be patient of the student, and find different methods of showing how to teach the subjects.

I have learned that creating a good, enthusiastic learning environment is key to success. I am a people person, as well as a standup comedian, and this skill help me in making the students feel comfortable.

An instructor must focus on the students because that is the reason the instructor is there; for the students. This requires paying attention to the classroom environment.

Students, many times, emulate their instructor. What a teacher's characteristics are will be illuminated before the students, and they learn a great deal. I think it is important that teachers be motivated in helping learners learn.

Very interesting module. I have had tons of experience teaching people of different ages and backgrounds in the military and Capella University. Therefore, I am equipped with what it takes to deal with a vast array of different people. However, I did learn a lot from this module. It has expanded my view on learners and their needs. 

At the end of the lessons i do reveiw trivia

This course was helpful and resourceful on how to approach students based on their needs and way of learning. 

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