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It is crucial to help our students to stay motivated.

I knew that as instructors we need to find a way to continue stimulating the intrinsic motivators using extrinsic motivators, but thanks to this course I learned that even though extrinsic motivators are useful and sometimes necessary, they can be overused and have a negative effect.

Therefore, I will need to find a balance. 

Comment on Amanda Haddock's post: I agree with you. For nursing school is the same.

This course helped me to remember how important is to provide positive feedback and allow my students to take control of their learning process by encouraging them and providing a secure learning environment with security and autonomy.

I have learned the importance of connecting with your students to best be able to aid in there learning. 

Students can't fear coming to class or they will have trouble succeeding.

Being a good teacher is first and foremost about listening.

Reinforcement and motivation can help with student success.

By creating a base of trust with student can help build student rapport, in which can be a powerful learning tool.

Be caring and fair can help with a student's success.

Talking directly to students can help better know what assistance and instructional support they need.

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