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It is essential to understand the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation of students and faculty. 

During my MA program, I had a peer that loved board games, and utilized gamification principles before I even knew that was a thing. Since then, I have taught any composition classes, and gamification has always stayed in the back of my mind. I don't think that boss battles or badges are the way to go for composition classrooms, but I am very interested in Guild work. I think forcing students into a mini team, from the start of class, will help them reach out and support their peers more, along with holding each other accountable. 

I learned in this section that using real-life experiences can help and be more understanding, know your students to have a better understanding to help and guide them in any way.

Knowing that 63% of homes have someone playing some form of a video game places an emphasis on the need to implement some characteristics into the classroom. Many of the traits characterized by gaming, i.e., problem solving, goals are in fact utilized in every and all lessons within the classroom. Others such as progress indicators, leveling and badges can be implemented and become a valued tool. Guilds and the boss battel can be utilized and implemented in most applications as an additional tool. Collectively outside of a syllabus, this provides individual tools for the educator to utilize and using their… >>>

From this course I have learned the importance of learning individual students experience levels as well as reasons for attending classes. This information will help me guide my students in the direction that is needed.

it is important to include the learning styles of your students in your teachings.

I learned to be teach based off of how the students learn. make the discussions something that they may be able to relate to within their lives or what they are going through.

As an instructor it's very important to understand each student and give them the feedback based on their performances which will help them to correct and modify their way of learning and get motivated to learn more about the subject.

Learnt how to keep students engaged and on track during the course. 

Student success is largely on the instructor. It is critical to apply knowledge based, tactical instruction that engages all learners at their level and doing this correctly means knowing your students.

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