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Student retention relies on so many factors. As the title states, “General Strategies.” Strategies, while specific, usually have general results. What remains is that student retention requires an instructor to at one time be as light-hearted as a late-night talk show host and at other times be as stoic as an airline captain during take-off or landing. Given that students come in all “shapes and sizes” the instructor must be a chameleon in that the leadership style they foster has to model their student’s expectations and their own strategies for succeeding in the course but also in life.

It isn’t… >>>

It is one thing to be an instructor and be the image of authority and the go-to for all answers. That is a tremendous feat to take on for one individual. However, it should not be so daunting. While students might have all the needs and wants, there is a finite amount an instructor can do. The most an instructor can do breaks down into two categories:

> Empathy:

An instructor can take the time to relate and recognize that behavior(s) might be sparked by events in a student’s life. For example, a student might live with other people they… >>>

To motivate students make sure to have a supportive environment for the students for intrinsic motivation. 

As a teacher we cannot burden ourselves with trying to be perfect. We are human and have to be as authentic as we possibly can. We as teachers have to be ourselves. When dealing with strong or difficult students, we have to engage them with challenging things to keep them focused and engaged. 

Keeping things light in the beginning will take the edge off for the students and the teacher. Learning in an acceptable environment helps students thrive and succeed. 

Using qualities of games in the classroom helps with learning and motivation as well as engagement. 

It is very hard for me to find icebreakers that don't feel cheesy and forced. I try to incorporate getting to know my students and building rapport in different ways. 

There are actually methods and strategies to building rapport with students to increase engagement and learning. 

I feel that is is very important to know if the student is an intrinsic or extrinsic learner. This will help teachers to know how to help student best achieve their best outcomes.

I like the emphasis on students needing to think of education as an investment in themselves.  Students need to be engaged in the learning process and take ownership of their learning. 

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