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I learned that motivating your students is important to their success in the class.  Teachers should not only serve as a learning resource but they should also serve as a source of support to the students they encounter. 

It is very apparent with most adult learners that situational factors are a huge area that contributes to success and retention. 

Knowing if a student has a family and needs to work outside of school is important.  We need to know what situational factors exist with all students.

Motivation is important to both the student and instructor. 

The discussion on how things can be different halfway through the class was informative. 

Create a safe environment for students to learn

Instructors would do well to incorporate student experiences into the lessons being taught. 

I plan to prepare for each lecture by reading the materials and looking over the slides.  I will also review the syllabus objectives for the day.  I want to use small group work at and have them work through a case study within that group and then have it be a class review for answers.  I want to add Think Break questions to see that students are understanding the information and do it in a polling style with rationale and answer.  I would also like to provide 1 or 2 case studies that can evolve through the chapter if applicable,… >>>

I learn or it was confirmed that mid way through a course there can be a slump.  This is a time for me as an instructor to revisit my course objectives and class plan.  See am I on track?  Have I told too many stories that I am now behind?  For upcoming presentations mark where I will insert a story so I stay on track.  Ask the students to do a writing of what they have learned so far.  This will demonstrate that the there information that has been learned.  This is also confirmed when they take ATI tests after… >>>

The goal of any instructor is to motivate the student to stay focused.   All the while, feeling secured that what they are learning is being processed, thereby, increasing their motivation to stay the course, so to speak. 


If I am unsure or an answer to a students question I might say " thank you for participating in the discussion.  That is not something I have a clear answer to.  I would like to take the opportunity to give it more that and get back to you."  Transition to another topic but make sure you circle back either by the end of lecture or day with a response.  

I also have time management issues.  I think a good thing to do would be to have a clock within your vision so you can know how long you… >>>

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