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I enjoyed learning about the importance of providing motivation for students.

Interesting to consider that the attention span of adults is 10-15 minutes.

I like the emphasis on greeting students daily and opening class periods with some humor to gauge the room

The idea of showing up to labs and classes early to see the environment through the eyes of the students is an interesting concept.

To give students security, it is important to become familiar with what they know and what they have experienced, that is, with their experience. "What I am going to learn in these classes is related to my previous experience."

student empowerment through other non classroom activities like lab and small group activities. 

Instructors should be motivators. Offering your expertise is a huge motivator for students. This models behavior and the Instructor is looked at as a skilled professional in the career area. 

One of the biggest reasons why students drop out- is because of all the time and resources they are expected to commit on school. Students find that they just dont have the time to get everything in their lives done. 

I must say you have illustrated some important points here that impact learning for sure!

The instructors attitude influences the students learning, and it is common that halfway through the class the Instructor may feel as if they are in a slump. Demotivated, and not as excited as before. It is imperative that they REFOCUS.









This course emphasized on the importance of getting to know your students name on their first day, and asking for a bit of infomation from them so you can get to know them. These actions give the students a feeling of worth and respect. 

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