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I think providing a comfortable and enjoyable environment that everyone has respect  for each other, in addition, to creating a free flowing of ideas and information creates a great learning environment.

I think the best way is to get everyone talking first. This helps with the feeling of security due to the fact everyone is in the class to learn. Then deal with the feeling of belonging, cultural differences and so forth. This course has given me a new perspective on a better way to approach to melding the class into a complete learning environment.

I now have some tools to motivate my students, and guide them I want to foster intrinsic behaviors and allow autonomy

I feel if I have a positive attitude and because I’m a new instructor and they see that I am putting my best efforts into all that I am teaching them I hope they will be motivated  to do the same .

I will come with a positive attitude  , motivational words of encouragement and let them know they are in a safe space . 

I liked and learned tips from the inclusion of Refocusing for the class when there is a slump . 

I think I will put an effort into keeping the students engaged by showing my enthusiasm for what I’m teaching by implementing different ideas to subjects I myself find mundane.

I think by showing your enthusiasm and passion you have for the field they want to succeed and work in , this will be a motivation to reach the end goal for them.

The "flipping the classroom" concept sounds very interesting.  My worry is students not wanting to invest time or students not having time to do the pre-class learning.

It is best to be both an intrinsic and extrinsic motivator depending on the end goal. 

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