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extrinsic and intrinsic motivation is very important in increasing student retention. 

Security and Motivation are important features in maintaining student retention. 

I learned a lot of information about engaging students.  I appreciated the refocus section and will be sure to remind my students about halfway through of how far they have come by asking them to share.

In this course I learned another level of understanding, case by case, students individually. 

Motivation is key to anyone’s success so using this tool with the techniques presented will encourage students to elevate themselves inside the course. 

Using a diverse array of tactics and formats to stimulate the classroom to achieve engagement starts with the instructors approach. Gaging the group of students and applying the correct techniques will better enhance the learning environment.

I enjoyed reimagining the aspect of how my passion for the field can be used to enhance my classroom experience.

This course enlightened me to be more aware of common core values of student success in the classroom. It’s given me more insight on how to identify these values and what I can do as an instructor to improve and better equip the students. 

The best instructors really care about helping students learn and equipping them for success. They are passionate about their career field and what they teach; and they believe in and demonstrate excellence and integrity. 

Some of these examples do not really apply to the way that I will be giving instruction. 

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