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I love all of the different ways we have to motivate people.  Also really pay attention to how we deliver content - avoiding the pitfalls of "Um" and "You know" that get in the way of instruction.

I appreciate the acknowledgement of the mid-term slump and varying ways to improve the situation.

I love having the ability and even the encouragement to be fun and creative with my classes!  Funny personal stories related to what you've experienced in the field can be great learning opportunities that don't even feel like learning!

I like the reinforcement of how to handle difficult situations with students - to remain calm, not let the situation escalate, not allow the student to turn class into a personal grip session.  

Student learning is driving by a students motivation which is demonstrated in a variety of ways; self promotion, external pressure, or other reasons. Cater instruction to students by learning their individual motivations and support the student on their learning journey by being engaging and developing a rapport with the student through trust and understanding that you are there to see them succeed.

As facilitator of adult learners you must take the "temperature" of the room and guide through times of high emotion to keep students motivated and reward at continuing their educational journey. 

Adult learners have a base set of needs that differ from youth learners. It is important to allow life experiences be applied to learning experiences and prevent everyday real life from hindering classroom learning.

Returning to teaching and instructor duties after being out of the education business for a number of years gave me the opportunity to work with and around people of many different backgrounds. Recognizing the difference between passive and active learning was much easier to recognize this time around based on my exposure to today's student.

From this course and forum, I was able to better understand the importance of learning types and styles. As an instructor seeks to understand the specifics of today's classroom based on a number of factors including the student's age, social situation, desire to learn and previous experience in the field of study.

Motivation is a fun and complex thing. What gets one student interested may not affect another. I used to take students out to perform actual, real-world work when teaching Electrical. All of it was school sanctioned, it was work for Habitat for Humanity so it was all volunteer, and it gave them not only real world experience, but it showed them that they could do it.

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