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In this module, I have gained the understanding of not only being aware of your students but speaking with them to either being a ear to listen or to help guide them with their next steps. 

The importance of motivation your students and showing your dedication to them

It is important to keep students interested in coming to class. It is also important to provide a variety of educational learning opportunities

The importance of providing positive feedback, small rewards, and enthusiasm over even the smallest accomplishment. 

Taking the time to understand what the student needs in order to succeed and the importance of their perspective

Definitely students will perform better if we can help them be passionate about the subject material. Knowing them and how to tie material to their lives can help with that

Definitely having a variety of learning methods whether video, mnemonics for memorization, group activities, etc is important to keep students from getting bored

In a lot of ways we are entertainers as much as educators. Adult learners can benefit from lighthearted moments and multiple media methods for learning in order to have more approachable course work.

Definitely being sensitive to individual students' needs is something I'm working to improve in my class

Expertise, empathy, enthusiasm and clarity are the four major pillars. great session

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