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Skills with Interviews and Resumes

I will put into practice the suggestion of having practice interview sessions. We already do a mock interview, but this will provide a lot better way for them to prepare for the interview held before panelists in the industry for what they're applying (part of a mock company I set up in the course to allow them to have an employer to apply to). In this class, we already work with resume skills, and the idea to have them lists weaknesses, strengths, abilities, etc. was a great first day class activity to get them thinking more about their resumes and what should go on it.

The other idea I got from this was for a speech class I teach--Usually the first speech is an informative speech, but I believe I'm going to do some restructuring before next quarter, and have the first assignment be a group speech--this way, immediately they can begin to bond with a group and connect with other students--instead of waiting till we're 3/4's of the way into the course.

Great course. I recommend it highly.

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