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Veterans Working on Communication Skills to Effectively Translate Related Skills

I really enjoyed this first section of "Supporting Veterans in Becoming Gainfully Employed."  I work with a lot of Veterans at my institution, and I often help them craft their resumes to a civilian style.  Often times I sit down and speak with them about their military skills and how they can transfer these skills to a certain civilian position in which they are interested.  Once I get them on the same page with me they understand that they can definitely market themselves well for certain positions based on their related experience they gained in the military.  It's all about being able to communicate the information clearly and effectively so that the interviewer/employer understands how the candidate has these related skills and how they can be an asset to their organization. 

I agree, Sarah! 

Sometimes I find that Vets are surprised how much common ground there is, perhaps the military language masks that fact.

But like any language there is a translation possible, and the fact is MANY of our students are career changers, so there is some level of translation going on from one career to another.

In Raleigh I find that healthcare, technology, and of course criminal justice partners are very much willing to work with and pursue military veterans, so this is a strong market for them!

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