The value of feedback and our lack of providing effective feedback

First, let me say that ML 120 is perhaps the best of the dozen or so Max Knowledge courses I have taken.  I have valued effective feedback and have come to a point in my life where I welcome it realizing the value in both good and bad feedback.  As a 60 year old male, it stuns and saddens me to reflect on the lack of feedback I have received in my work experience.  The great news is my current boss is one of the best I have had in providing feedback and routine counseling.  However, he is one of only three bosses I have had over my lifetime that have taken the time to not only prepare, but to take this seriously.  I WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend we all improve in this area!  I also know it is not easy taking some feedback, but if we can learn to act on those things we can improve upon, this would be a better place.

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