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First Week - What Happening

Almost 20 years of teaching has taught me that you can always refresh what you do in the classroom.  Today, the RT102 training has helped remind me of making an impact during orientation and that first week of school.  It reminded me of being in front of the class on day one and setting the standard.  Our starts fall right into the flow of our calendar, there is no break to reset and that can lead to short-changing you new students because you are in "next" class mode. You are not thinking about it is a whole new ball game for these students.  You may address them as new to the program, but you have to be mindful of your presentation in front of them.  Your seasoned students know your expectations and standards for your class.   They know you.  They understand what you are looking for from the "student".  These new students need that structure, that welcome, and understanding.  Good gentle reminder for the day.

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