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Don't Underestimate One's Ability Based On Perceived Disabilities

My newphew was born (1994) with Achromatopsia and Horizontial Nastagmus.  Two eye disabilities that label him as Legally-Blind.  He was a gulf war baby.  As a small child he wore sun glasses because  these conditions gave have extreme light sensitivity and darting eyes.  Besides squinting, and being almost disabled by the sun, my nephew, CBS was not a normal child.  He was an exceptional child.  To GOD Be The Glory! I applauded my sister, her husband and the family for not treating CBS as if he was less than, special or not able to compete.  My neqphew, CBS was treated just like the rest of the children in the family.  Today at age 26years old, my nephew CBS was a cub scout who went to overnight camps, played high-school football (Captain of the Football Team), asked to deliver a High School Graduation Speech athough he was NOT the Valedictorian, went away to College (lived on Campus), lived in an apartment, pledged a Fraternity (Solo), graduated with honors in Social Work, came home from school and saved up $10,000 to start a Real Estate business, worked a full-time job, got engaged, had a namesake - son & got married, bought 3 rental properties, rehabs homes, still working, and is living his best life.     

 If you have a child or a student with a disability.  Do NOT define that child by the disability.  Expect more and you will get more.  My nephew, CBS is the pride of the family.  His humble but confident spirit matches his booming personality. WE are always rooting for him.

~PROUD Auntie of CBS


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