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Confused | New discussion by Robert Frank

We are not the course designers for ECPI, I am confused as to why we are required to complete these lessons.

R/Evolution | New discussion by Lauree Russell

Often in the online environment, there is a wide variety of computer navigating experience levels because there are 'adult learners' that are not from the current 'tech savvy' sociiety. What type of ...

TO BE informed via graphics or NOT TO BE | New discussion by Lauree Russell

Although I appreciate integrating visuals into my classroom, I am finding more and more animations and gifs to be a distraction to a student's encoding & retention of information.  Has anyone...

eLearning Environments | New comment by Lauree Russell


Yes, it seems that a syllabus provides structore and eases their mind so that they can focus on the topic at hand.  Syllabus & Road Maps also gives the student a guideline ...

Cartoons/Videos/YouTube | New comment by Lauree Russell

Dori, It is my understanding that Google Images hosts a variety of cartoons and gifs that are public domain and can be used in our classrooms.  What did you find out regarding permissions...

,, | New blog by Dean Deason


Copyright | New comment by Dori Waddington

Not only are they important, but for legal reasons, a must. Violating copyright laws can quickly leave you or the institution financially responsible. That's not a position to be in.

Cartoons/Videos/YouTube | New discussion by Dori Waddington

Is it okay to use these in our online courses? How can we get permission (if at all) to use these creations?

eLearning Environments | New blog by Darren Tennyuk

I think one of the most significat items in developing a class is to have it organized and presented clearly for the students.  This is important because when they log in and read over the sylla...

Maria Villasmil | New blog by María Villasmil

Online learning has facilitated the development of digital skills, which I have been developing and applying in the course of everyday work.It is very important to navigate the technology on the Web, ...