Molly Buie

Molly Buie

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Being online teaching offers challenges that traditional, in-person teachers do not experience.  The online teacher must project thier authority and their credentials.

Instructors really need to get to know their CMS before teaching a course.

Online classes MUST include a wide variety of media.

I've learned all the components of an online class.  Teachers must stay up-to-date on assignments and links.

It's amazing the similarities between online learning and in person learning.

Online learning has both similarities and differences to traditional, in-person classes.  The interaction between teacher and students needs to be the same high quality but different.

I've learned to be aware of my mistakes and not be afraid to admit to them and correct.

Never assume.  Always observe and get the backstory on challenging students.

Challenging students are worth the effort.  Everyone deserves a viable and comfortable learning experience.

You must know your content and your students to have a successful class.

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