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I really enjoyed reading the section, "Turning Students' Life and Work Experience into Resume Gold" in CS 102 "Empowering Students to Find and Secure The Right Job."  It is important for our students who may not have any directly related work experience in their field of study to be able to demonstrate on their resume the transferable skills they do have from any part-time jobs they have held.  Many of my students work in various customer service roles such as in food service and retail.  It is crucial for me as their Career Services Advisor to help them demonstrate on their resume the transferable skills they gained in these roles that would relate to the type of position they are applying for in their field of study.  Skills they developed at their part-time positions such as punctuality, consistency, interpersonal communication skills, providing excellent customer service, and solving problems on the spot are examples students can list on their resume that may help them get that first professional in-field position.

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