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Leveraging the PLC Potential – How to Sustain Growth


Culture of sharing best practices

  • The fly wheel effect ( momentum)
  • Norms of collaboration
  • Hard on ideas, soft on people
  • Paraphrasing & speak affirmatively
  • Watch your speech patterns


The nuts & bolts of feedback

  • Be careful, feedback can be taken negatively.
  • Must use effective communication
  • Use directive feedback as it leads to the listener taking action.
  • Descriptive feed back points out detail with next actions taken by the listener on their terms.
  • Must be criteria related


Prompts for peer feedback

  • What I heard you say was?
  • Want to brain storm together?
  • What I understood was …..
  • Is there another way to convey this ?


How data supports PLC teams

1)      It provides reciprocal accountability

2)      Base them on the SMART model

  • Be specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Results oriented
  • Time bound goals
  • Clear expecations



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