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Leveraging Teacher Driven Growth ( The now):


Flexibility within a framework is most critical.

Knowing what Literacy means in your particular field.

  • What does Text meanin your field ?
  • How do experts in your field think about the author of a source or text?
  • How do experts in your field approach problems ?
  • What are the norms of communication ?

Critical issues – team considerations

Autonomy & Motivation

  • To reach strategic & extended thinking & love of learning is key !!!
  • Challenges must be “just right” for the student to motivate them.

Why PLC’s groupings matter:

  • More than 5 to 7 people will lose input.
  • No more or less than around 30 to 45 min per session to give adequate time but not too much time to lose focus.
  • Gets more meaningful responses.

Assess team members strengths by asking questions.

  • Who are the strongest teacher-leaders to lead each team ?
  • Who are the high flyer teachers?
  • Who is strong with data?


The vicious cycle of mediocrity & how to avoid it.

  • Identify how you spend your time.
  • Regain focus
  • Keep saying no to distractions
  • Give yourself tools to insure growth.

The signs of successful implementation.

  • You have created & sustained a culture of discipline.
  • You have implemented & sustained your tenacity & focus on the group.

Where PLC’s can go wrong.

  • Having weak leadership
  • Not keeping the purpose at the forefront.
  • Not listening to the staff
  • Not finding the influencer in the group
  • Not celebrating each success
  • Not rewarding good behaviors
  • Your group needs a project champion
  • A weak culture of inquiry
  • Poor communication

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