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Bumping heads

In the beginning I've seen new comers waltz in team meetings with the perception that this new team works the same as the previous team. Then there is conflict and a sense of intimidation and insecurity. I've seen this is all of my jobs. I like to assess my surroundings and watch and listen to my new team and only then can I see how they work and who is the ring leader. I don't play devils advocate, but I do make my presence known and stand strong behind my opinion. However, I'm also a good listener. This is perhaps why it's not so difficult for me to intergrate into new surroundings. I do beleive that confrontation is good and that it's not always negative. Has anyone else ever been put in an intimidating situtation at work with a new team and how was it resolved?

Thank you,
Cynthia De La Puente

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