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Successful Career Readiness Cultures | Origin: LC103

How can the instructional practices in CTE programs help develop an overall school career-readiness culture?

Teachers that stay current in their field of expertise will develop a culture of learning in their classrooms with their students. 

CTE instructors can embed employability skills in their teaching and classrooms.

CTE can provide relevent experiences that enhance employablilty and technical skills. Two things that employers desperately want students to have. 

CTE can provide exposure to skills and opportunities to develop career skils that can help students in all areas regarless of their career and college path. 

If the vision is to change culture from a purely academic based environment to one that is also career prep in nature then all teachers will start to incorporate career tech approaches to incentivize students taking their core courses. The student who does not like Chemistry and is avoiding Chem III may realize from a guest speaker or an internship that they need the course for their future career goals thus motivating them to take Chem III.

Using instructional practices like collaboration, and project based learning, teachers can be teaching skills that apply directly to the workplace.  

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