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Basic Leadership Practices for Culture Change | Origin: LC103

As a leader, what new skills do you need to reshape school culture?

Learn some ways to develop and use stories

Learn how to get staff engaged in the process and procedures of the school that can create culture. 

Learn how to set a vision and get staff to continue to tell strories that help the culture be public.

I need to continue to improve how well I recognize behaviors that are in line with our preferred culture and find creative ways to identify and redirect behaviors that are not. 

learn how to listen and communicate effectively with all stakeholders at varrying degrees in the change process.

It is critical have the ability to really listen to your staff. Often times we are focused on what we want to say instead of listening to them. I once told a fellow admin who talked over everyone that "you listen best when you are talking". He got the point. 


Knowing how to get buy-in from everyone is critical. Listening to their points is the first step

I need to be better at pointing out the behaviors our staff do that back our valued behaviors. 

Model the behaviors you want to see from your staff.

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