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Culture in Schools | Origin: LC103

What are the characteristics of school culture (artifacts, conversations, or procedures) in your school that are counter to a career readiness culture?

We need to showcase the work of career oriented students more visible. 

Curb negative discussions about students and staff if heard from any students or staff. 

Career related learning experiences AND CTE need to be more available to all students in the building

Although our staff gets along famously....there are some silo issues and tendancies to avoid collaboration. To some degree this stems from housing 10 very different programs under the same roof, but we should take some strides to continue improved a culture of shared norms. This is particularly true for things like porfessional skill development of our students. 

Comment on Dick Jones's post: I would agree with this! Our schools do a great job of celebrating the "college bound" students but dont always recognize our career bound students. 

Our school focus in the past has been on ensuring students graduate, and have an academic plan for post graduation. Celebrating scholarships attained at graduation and cords for academic achievement are examples of the praise for academic achievement. Providing cords at graduation for work experiences while in high school would be an example of easily incorporating a change in culture for students staff and community. 

We are battling the "vo-tech" stigma from our sending schools as we are a school for kids who cannot "cut it" academically.  We are actively working on changing our perception through marketing and recruitment to be seen as a destination students WANT to come to, versus some see us a place you get sent.  

No expectation of having students assess interests and aptitudes. 

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