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Handling Employee Personalities

I would like feedback on how to handle various types of personalities among employees.

My advise is to be patient and get to know them a little better before attempting a closer way of communication.

Learn more about their proffesional background, and slowly approach to each one of them. Once you've learned more about them you will see what way works better for every personality.

Some times people walk with their shields up because they had a tough past.

Good luck!

I find that with my students and their different cultural backgrounds and personalities that interacting together makes it easier. Have lunch with them and spend time getting to know them and communicate often. Avoid talking about personal issues and find a common ground.

I think that one good way to handle different personalities is to sit down and talk with them. Sometimes is you show an interest it can really help.

I personally believe that temperaments have a lot to do with personality conflict. If someone is a type A extrovert, they won't approach life the same way I do. Not only am I introverted but also sensitive and imaginative. I am like another introverted person but not if they are strictly objectivist. kwim? When I know we see life differently, I can make room for the differences. I also have to learn what makes them tick and what motivates them. different for everyone.

Quite frankly the more diverse the group the more apparent difficulties you can encounter. But, from my experience, this can be used as an advantage rather then a barrier. One thing that I've done in the past is have a pot luck lunch and everyone bring in something native to them. It's amazing what a meal can do for people. You learn more about peoples background and their peers do also. In the long run you will find this will bring your group closer together.

We are not alowed to "have lunch with them" but
it is a great idea to get to know their interests.
In a tech school situation, they are at the school
so that is a hint to there general interests. Talking to them about their specific interests can
help you understand them and if you can get to know some of their interests while staying away from personal issues, building a relationship based on these common interests can definitely help you understand them. If you can begin to understand them at some level as peers with common interests,it may be easier to realize that some of what they say or do that upsets you has more to do with who they are than anything personnally aimed at you. Also by understanding them, the context of something they have previously said that may have upset you may become more clear and the intent may not have been what you thought.

I have moved to several other countries, learned to enjoy different life styles, food, music and activities - it might not be easy, but going with the flow is easier than sticking to your same way of doing things. have to be accepting of differences, their personalities, lifestyle, etc even if you do not agree with them.

I found learning about their personality types is beneficial. In this regard, you become knowing and understanding of the why, how and who they are.

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