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Team Management

I feel that some of the senarios used in this lesson (test)could have had two possible correct answers. It depends on your management style. My goal is to use the most effective managing style to fit the needs of my team.

As a new leader Im still working on ways to build my team successfully.

Being a new manager, (under a year in the position), I agree that some of the senarios could have more than one possible correct answer. I'm still in the position of finding my feet and getting organized. I did find this lesson useful for rethinking my way of handling team problems.

Thanks for the feedback Kurt. Like in management, there are degrees of correctness. Hindsight is always 20/20 as well. So often, teams either rush to a solution without evaluating enough options or wait too long to implement a solution due to "paralysis of analysis." Finding the best middle ground is the recipe for success.

Best of luck.


I'm glad it was helpful. One of the difficulties with managing is that there is usually "degrees" of correctness, meaning that multiple options have merit, but some may have more extrinsic or intrinsic value to the organization. Grey areas can frustrate new managers who just want to be given a set of circumstances and allowed to do a great job! However, being able to navigate grey areas separates leaders from managers.

Best of luck!

Dr. Jamie Morley

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