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What are some ways that you motivate your team?

I have a wonderful team of three that at times get negative and unproductive. It is a constant battle to keep them motivated because of negativity. As the leader, it is difficult to repeatedly break down why some things are the way that they are and why we have influence over certain things where other things are gravity. What are some ways that you keep a team motivated?

sharing the vision & helping each one see how they fit is a key component of motivation.

Ryan Meers, Ph.D.

I also have a team of three and they all have different personalities. I have found if I find out what motivates them to do better, I can then start implementing this change. For example, alot of staff come back with, recognition, this motivates staff if they are recognized. I generally try and ask the question "How do you like to receive recognition" during their first few months, this way know how to adjust my style to each member of my team.

Lindsey - For my team, in times where negativity finds a way into our day, we take a step back and remind ourselves of our customers. By refocusing, the team realizes that while some aspects of the daily workday can affect mood and motivation we cannot allow it to detract from the service we provide. Asking the question, "how would I feel in this situation if the tables were turned" helps in many situations.

I am one of two managing members. I am very grateful because we have learned to completely support each other without stepping on anyone's toes. It took year to reach that goal. It is a goal we work towards everyday. We motivate our team by communication and honesty. We meet with our instructors every month. We order coffee and pastries and chat it up but various things. In the summer months we started hiking once a month. Spending time outside of campus has been great. We are working on our health and enjoying the outdoors.
Our staff seems more comfortable and happy

I motivate my team of admissions representatives by keeping them informed of the most important changes and letting them know that I am there for them and will go to bat for them when needed. I can tell that they appreciate the fact that i trust them and let them know they are important enought to know of upcoming events, plans, etc. They also trust me to let me know if they are bothered by anythign because they know I will do my best to handle it or find the appropriate solution.

I completely share your sentiment in regards to negativity being a constant battle. I have established team buidling events regularly, have 2 stand up meeting daily to discuss in an open forum challenges and success, I communicate daily our goals and direction, ask daily what is needed from me, am highly visible and very supportive with coaching/training, but still struggle with sustaining positivity.

We are a team of 16 admission representatives and part of a highy driven organization.

Any tips?

I feel that in order to motivate your team you must get to know your team. What motivates one person might not motivate another person. I think it is extremely important that all employees understand the vision and own the vision as part of their daily routine. People need to know where the company is headed if we ever plan to arrive at our destination or close to it. Being honest with team members and letting each member know how important their participation in the overall operation of the institution is extremely important. People need to feel that they are part of something and as a leader it is my responsibility to make sure that each and every team member feels their job is important to the overall success of our institution.

these are all great suggestions & your point about the vision reminds me that we need to make sure our folks have two types of clarity: 1) task clarity--they know what they are supposed to be doing; 2) role clarity--they see how their role fits into the big picture of the organization.

Ryan Meers, Ph.D.

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